How frequently should I survey?

Nov 18, 2022 | Knowledge Base

Your survey strategy needs to align with your organisation’s objectives and ability to deliver change. Qlearsite can be used to implement a strategic employee listening programme, whether that be annually or more frequently. 

If you’re new to surveys, an annual or bi-annual survey could be a good starting point. It provides a holistic and deep assessment of the whole organisation and can be used to benchmark evaluation of initiatives that have been undertaken.

In contrast, if your organisation is able to set change initiatives in motion quickly, then pulse surveys could be an option. These are short, frequent surveys that use the same questions and aim to provide real-time feedback. Good for spotting trends, pulse surveys are often sent weekly. 

You can also strategically listen to your people, asking for feedback regularly but meaningfully. Across a year, this could be quarterly surveys alternating between scans to understand priorities across the business, followed deep dive surveys into areas that need focus. This is a proactive survey strategy that is focused on continuous improvement.

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