Integrating with Deel

29 Mar 23 | Knowledge Base

We’re proud to partner with Deel to make the management of your employee retention using Qlearsite both simple and powerful. With our secure API integration you can:

  • Share your employee data with Qlearsite
  • Analyze your historical employee retention profile
  • Send invitations quickly and easily to your employees to collect their feedback
  • Analyse the employee feedback using the employee meta data stored in Deel

To get started, log into the Qlearsite Platform:

  1. Select Account > Integration Setup
  2. Select Merge > Connect
  3. Search for, and select ‘Deel’
  4. Select Continue to accept the Terms
  5. Select your preferred method of integration
  6. Once connected, Deel users can now use employee data stored on Deel in the Qlearsite Platform.

To see this in action, watch this interactive demo!

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