Retention analysis

17 May 23 | Knowledge Base

Retaining your employees and top talent is consistently a challenge for HR departments and organisations. It’s not just expensive but it also disrupts productivity, hinders growth and impacts morale. This is why we offer AI-generated analytics to do the hard work for you. We help identify who within the organisation is at risk and the key factors that are driving retention risk so that you can focus on taking action.

How does it work?

It all starts by collecting feedback from your employees. Asking them the question “I plan to still be working at our organisation in 12 months time”. The focus is on the segment who have expressed neutral or negative sentiment regarding their intention to stay at the organisation.

Our tool compares and contrasts this ‘at-risk’ group with the broader organisation, delving into employee attributes and exploring whether there are any significant insights. Our retention analysis highlights notable trends or patterns. The retention analysis shows when the ‘at risk group’ is distributed proportionately across attributes.

What will I learn?

How many people are at risk of leaving

The overview at the top of the retention analysis provides response rates and the overall impression of who are at risk of leaving your organisation.

This calculation is based on the number of employees who have answered neutrally or negatively to the question “I plan to still be working at our organisation in 12 months time”. This group is ‘at risk of leaving’.

Which teams have people at risk of leaving

In the ‘Where is retention risk in the organisation?’ section, the ‘at risk group’ is presented according to how it is distributed across the organisation. It identifies any teams that are particular concern.

Identify retention risk in your organisation automatically

Who are the people at risk of leaving

Employee attributes identify if there are any significant attributes about the ‘at risk group’.

AI-generated employees at risk

What are the areas of focus

In the Key Indicators section, the answers of the ‘at risk group’ are compared with the rest of the organisation. This identifies the top three topics with room for improvement.

Qlearsite can help you improve employee retention with employee feedback. Not sure how to get started? Our Insight Scan is comprehensive and contains the essential questions for the retention analysis.

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