Transparency Deep Dive Survey

Nov 28, 2022 | Knowledge Base

Transparency Survey

You may have achieved Transparency score below your expectations in a previous Scan survey, and want to explore this dimension of Organisational Fitness further.

Qlearsite’s Transparency Deep Dive is most effective following an Organisational Fitness survey or in anticipation of a business transformation. That could be a restructure, change in strategy, or the introduction of new initiatives that will affect tools in the organisation.


  • This Deep Dive survey provides an overall Transparency score based positive responses to 12 key questions
  • Action planning is supported by sentiment analysis on responses to open-text questions


Transparency Survey Tags


The Objective dimension of Transparency discusses how you share information in your organisation. Are people given the insights they need to make informed choices, and do leaders tell you what you need to know?

The Objective dimension is made up of the indicators: Shared, Informed, Guided and an open-text question.


IndicatorQuestion Rationale
SharedInformation is shared openly and freely in {our organisation}.People in the organisation have access to the information they need when they need it.
InformedOur most important decisions are always
guided by facts and relevant information.
The organisation uses facts and relevant information to guide decisions and is transparent about this.
GuidedLeaders of {our organisation} share their plans for our future.People in the organisation are kept informed of where the organisation is headed.
Open TextWhat additional information, that you don’t
have access to today, would help inform
your work?
Asked in order to gather top of mind thoughts on what information people would like more access to.



The Balanced dimension informs you how your organisation talks about good and bad news. When it comes to celebrating successes and discussing challenges, do you get the balance right?

The Balanced dimension is composed of the indicators: Successes, Challenges and Equal, as well as an open-text question.


IndicatorQuestion Rationale
SuccessesAt {our organisation}, we share good news and celebrate our achievements.People in the organisation feel encouraged by the sharing and celebrating of successes.
ChallengesWe talk frankly about the challenges we face and do not avoid difficult topics.People in the organisation are able to address difficult topics and challenges and learn from them.
EqualLeaders in {our organisation} are objective
and balanced, sharing good and bad news
The organisation feels balanced in terms of sharing good and bad news.
Open TextWhich topics do you feel people avoid discussing and are not spoken about freely?Asked in order to gather top of mind thoughts on where the organisation may lack transparency.


Next, we want to know if you feel safe to voice your opinions. Do we have a working environment where people can speak freely, while staying respectful?

The Open dimension is tabulated from the indicators: Safe, Frank, Respectful as well as an open-text question.


IndicatorQuestion Rationale
SafeI am comfortable voicing my ideas and opinions, even if they are different from others.People in the organisation feel safe to speak up even when their views may differ from the norm.
FrankThe people that I work with welcome opinions different from their own.The organisation welcomes a wide range of differing opinions, not just those reflecting opinions of those in power.
RespectfulWe are always professional and respectful, even during difficult conversations.People in the organisation never feel disrespected and are able to have conducive tough conversations.
Open TextCan you think of a time when you felt unable to share an opinion or idea? Please describe that experience in your own words.Asked in order to gather real life examples of where people may have felt shut down.


Are people held accountable in {our organisation}? We want to know if we’re transparent about performance expectations, and open about decisions that affect our people.

The Accountable dimension is made up of the indicators: Honest/Open, Decisions, Team and an open-text question.


IndicatorQuestion Rationale
Honest/OpenWhen it is clear that someone is not delivering in their role we address it openly.Underperformance is addressed in the organisation transparently.
DecisionsWhen a decision that impacts my work is made, the reasons for it are clearly explained to me.There is full transparency around decisions that are made in the organisation that directly affect people.
TeamThe people that I work with discuss performance and results of our work regularly and openly.Performance discussions in the organisation are open and transparent.
Open TextCan you think of a change, small or large, that would help us have more frank and honest conversations about performance in {our organisation}?Asked in order to gather top of mind thoughts on what could help make the organisation more frank and honest.

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