Why should I use Qlearsite’s question sets?

Nov 18, 2022 | Knowledge Base

Qlearsite’s Framework is based on our own methodology, developed in-house over many years and proven through extensive independent research and data. The Framework is a way of measuring the resilience and performance of your organisation by covering a core set of 16 topics that have been scientifically proven to drive value.  

Designing good questions for a survey is hard which is why the Qlearsite Framework offers pre-built question set templates. These question set templates help you ask the right questions about important people topics so that you can get quality insights. They’re also short, fast and easy for your people to complete which translates into a great response rate. 

With our Qlearsite Framework, it is easy to design and customise your survey. Whether you’re utilising one of our templates or creating your own, you’ll be able to create a survey that asks the important questions, is aligned with your organisation’s brand and is a great experience.

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