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Retention Solutions built for People Teams. 

Analyse your attrition risks and survey your employees to understand more. Anytime and anywhere.

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Connect Staffology with Qlearsite to power your people analytics.

With Qlearsite you can:

Identify your attrition risks

Connect your HR app with a simple copy-paste and Qlearsite does the rest for you.

Start capturing feedback

Choose from 24+ employee experience topics or design your own. With over 300 expert-designed questions and support for 16+ languages, you’ll be surveying in no time.

Get results fast

No need to crunch any numbers! Instantly access dashboards with driver analysis, heatmaps, reports, advanced language analysis and more.

Plan actions and track impact

Add actions and collaborate with your team leads. Monitor your progress with trends over time.

Attrition Analysis
Qlearsite Platform Results - interactive dashboards, plan your actions and share reports
Reliable and Secure. Qlearsite is GDPR compliant

Reliable. Secure. Compliant.

Plug and play integration

No coding required so you can connect your HR app, easily and safely.

Employee confidentiality built in

Send surveys with confidence that feedback will remain confidential.

GDPR compliant

Trusted by customers everywhere, we’re compliant with GDPR and privacy laws around the world.

24/7 support

Our friendly team of product and employee experience experts are here to help you. 

About Staffology

Staffology brings together the heart and science of a happy business with intuitive, cloud-based HR and payroll software. Make your people feel cared for by getting the important details right.

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Pricing designed to suit your needs

Whether you want to start with your integration or collect employee feedback first, Qlearsite can help.

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Manage your retention and employee feedback programmes in one platform.

No hidden costs. No set-up fees.

Everything is included. And our team are here to help you get started.