Natural Language Processing

Traditional employee surveys can generate useful data. But if you want access to the kind of insight you’ve never had before, then you need to move to Natural Language Processing – or NLP. Here at Qlearsite, NLP is a core feature of all our products.

NLP means that instead of ticking boxes or giving scores out of ten, your teams can respond to open questions in their own words. It’s an approach that gives you a much richer source of data. But to make the most of this data, there has to be brilliantly sophisticated technology like Qlearsite’s at the heart of your analysis.Natural Language Processing

How does it work?

Your teams respond to questions in their own words. Qlearsite NLP technology then reads all their comments and feedback.

It then groups significant themes together in real time to show you:

  • what’s important to your teams; and
  • which factors in your business have the potential to unlock value.

We present this information back to you in a high quality consultancy grade report. We also give you access to the data via a dashboard and a purpose-built analytics tool. This means you can drill down into different areas, view the comments underpinning key themes and share findings with your teams.


Beware spreadsheets masquerading as true insight 

But do take care. NLP is a term that's applied to a broad spectrum of approaches. At the very simple end of the scale, the term NLP could mean setting up a spreadsheet to count the number of times any word is used.

Businesses providing this approach then look at the number of times someone uses a word like 'woman', for example. They then might draw the conclusion that this refers to gender imbalance. How can we be sure?

This approach is not sufficient to draw any conclusions from, as it fails to capture the context and nuances in which a word is used. It might lead you down the wrong path.

At Qlearsite, our approach to NLP is light years more sophisticated. It has been developed by a team that includes some of the world's leading data scientists, technologists and organisational experts. Together, they create and refine the algorithms that power our NLP ability.


Qlearsite's NLP is world-leading


Understands words and phrases in context

Was someone referring to decision-making when they used the expression “black and white”? Or were they commenting about discrimination? Qlearsite NLP will know the difference.


Understands Important Nuances

Many NLP approaches would struggle with a statement like:

"Women have great opportunities here...not".

But our NLP understands the intended meaning.


Understands the language in your workplace culture

Specialist words and phrases, jargon and terms that have a special meaning in your workplace - they're all things our technology can be programmed to understand in context.


Is highly accurate

Algorithms learn from the data they encounter. And we update and improve regularly to make sure our algorithms are learning in the right way. When the algorithm is unsure about a meaning, it asks our teams – and we all participate in helping it to learn more and get it right.


Is built by humans, for humans

Algorithms are there to help us process data in much faster time-frames than we’d be able to achieve manually. They don’t replace humans, they just give a superpower to everyone who wants to gain the best ever insight into their organisation.