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Open Door

Create a continuous feedback culture for your employees.

An 'always on' survey, where people can provide feedback at any time

In today’s ever changing world of work, it is not sufficient to only gather employee feedback in an annual census survey. Equally, weekly pulse surveys can create fatigue.

Open Door allows your people to share their feedback on their own terms. Our survey is always open, so people can check-in with issues, ideas or feedback at a time of their choosing.

Open Door Form

How it works

Step 1.

Measure what is important at any given time

In a moment of crisis, like Covid-19, or when implementing change, we will assist you with questions that are relevant. 

We use closed questions to create comparable measures of progress. We use open questions to gather the rich context needed to explain scores and inform change plans.

Open Door Questions2
Step 2.

Make your Open Door link accessible

Distribute your Open Door survey link using your preferred communication mediums. Post it on the intranet. Promote it on your messaging system. Include it in the email signature of internal communications. Or, use email campaigns to remind employees that you are 'always open' for feedback.

Step 3.

Continuous insight and action

Take frequent ‘insight snapshots’ to stay connected and proactively manage employee needs. Access results in automated reports, Survey Analysis tool or Survey Dashboard.

All reporting tools use our AI-enabled language analysis to read free-text responses and explain scores. When a score identifies a priority, our language analysis will tell you why.


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“The Qlearsite analysis has provided insight into what can be improved. The free-text has been extremely valuable to be able to pinpoint opportunities for development.”

Helen Aasgaard, Director of People and Culture

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An ‘always open’ survey, where people can provide feedback at any time.

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