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Organisational Fitness®

Create a healthier, more productive company that is built to last.

A powerful tool to build organisational resilience and long-term performance.

We are the pioneers of Organisational Fitness®. A measure of an organisation’s ability to take the right actions to adapt and sustain itself - which is critical to building a high-performance culture.

In our recent study of over 2,000 organisations, we found that high Organisational Fitness is directly linked to superior business results.

Delivered through Qlearsite’s next-generation employee feedback platform, our customers use Organisational Fitness to build resilience and sustain long-term performance.

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How it works

Step 1.

Measure your Organisational Fitness® level

Measure the fitness of your organisation using just sixteen questions, proven to have a direct impact on productivity and growth. Deep contextual data is captured from four, supplementary open-text questions. It is simple to set up, easy to administer and quick to generate the insights.

Step 2.

Define your path to improve fitness

Align your managers using tailored reports including the 'QlearFit® Map' - a single page that summarises all your scores in a simple, yet powerful graphic. It will identify opportunities to improve and key strengths to protect. Our language analysis will explain scores by uncovering insights hidden in free-text responses. Use the analysis to identify the right actions and plan change.

Step 3.

Take action

Cascade results using the Manager Dashboard - a self-service digital presentation of quantitative scores and qualitative language feedback. It gives managers a clear direction on where to focus and take action. Use the tailored reports and digital dashboards to facilitate change programmes that improve Organisational Fitness®.


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A powerful tool to build organisational resilience and long-term performance.

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