Organisational Fitness 

Create a healthier, fitter company that is built to last 

Our platform helps you measure organisational culture and build a healthy company that is focused and productive.

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Organisational Fitness
Step 1

Questions that focus on value

Measure the fitness of your company using just sixteen questions, proven to have a direct impact on productivity and growth. It's simple to set up, and quick to administer.

Organisational Fitness Matrix
Organisational Fitness Map Overview
Step 2

Understood by everyone 

Align your company culture using the 'QlearFit Map' - a single page that summarises all your results in a simple, colourful graphic. Tailored reports then show your senior managers their priorities, opportunities, and strengths. Use this analysis of your employee data to make strategic talent management decisions.

Step 3

Shape plans that deliver

Find out the most important areas you need to focus on, so you can set clear priorities. You can then dig deeper into any part of it, using our employee language analysis. Get game-changing insights that contribute to your unique corporate culture and organisational health. Once you understand this, you'll understand how to become more successful.

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Simply smarter, employee listening


Shorter, smarter surveys

All our surveys are 25 questions or less, preventing fatigue and improving response rates.


Asked at the right time

Our survey approach adapts to your needs, sets strategic priorities and informs effective actions.


Insights beyond checkboxes

Uncover the rich, hidden insights in open text feedback using our accurate language analysis.

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“Looking at the QlearFit map makes it very easy to pinpoint the exact things you want to improve.”

Anders Johnsen - CEO

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