Organisational Fitness

The diagnostic tool that unlocks value and enables you to grow.  

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Focus on areas proven to drive productivity and growth.

Our QlearFit framework measures 16 fitness indicators, scientifically proven to drive value. It identifies strengths and weaknesses giving you evidence to prioritise, set targets and help your organisation achieve more.


How Organisational Fitness works

Scan your organisational fitness

Discover exactly where your business stands in only 20 simple questions. No other employee survey can do this for you.

Pinpoint areas of outstanding performance and understand how it is being achieved so that it can be repeated.


Deep dive into specific areas

Run a deep dive survey to get root causes into topics like diversity and inclusion and ask your employees about the specific problems affecting them and their working lives.

Help teams to take action

Empower managers and teams to improve company culture. Organisational Fitness comes with a powerful toolkit that will drive change . Give managers access to results via interactive dashboards. Enable leaders to plan strategy via a consultancy grade report with in-depth analysis across different employee segments

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Product Features

Explore the key features of Qlearsite's technology.


Natural Language Processing

Understand what your teams are really experiencing by analysing language.

Learn more about Natural Language Processing


Consultancy Grade Reports

Thought provoking insight, analysis, interpretation and suggestions.

Learn more about Consultancy Grade Reports


Predictive Analytics

Predict to assess the likely financial impact a change initiative will have.

Learn more about Predictive Analytics


Manager Dashboards

Online, interactive dashboards provide all levels of your organisation access to insight.

Learn more about Manager Dashboards


Robust Methodology

QlearFit extracts data about aspects of your business which are scientifically linked to productivity and growth.



Protecting your people data. Trusted by leading brands.

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