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Organisational Fitness®

Understand your organisation in a way you never thought possible.

Fix problems, amplify strengths and create a culture for long term success.

The new standard for building and sustaining great companies

We’ve pioneered Organisational Fitness® as a way to continually assess and improve your business. It measures 16 specific areas, all linked to benefits like productivity, customer service and retention. Use it to make better strategic decisions and create a happy, high-performing culture.

It’s a combination of surveys, smart language analysis and online dashboards that let you examine your whole business by listening to your people. Get an overview, then deep dive into areas you want to know more about. You’ll be constantly learning, adapting and improving.

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How it works

Step 1.

Measure your Organisational Fitness® level

It takes just 16 questions to have a direct impact on productivity and growth. We also use AI to analyse 4 additional open-text questions to get context and honest opinions from your people. It’s simple to set up, easy to administer and quick to generate the insights.

Step 2.

Set priorities to improve fitness

Use the QlearFit® Map - a single page that summarises all your scores in a simple, yet powerful graphic. It identifies opportunities to improve and key strengths to protect. Our language analysis reveals key themes and issues from free-text responses. Use the analysis to identify the right actions and plan change.

Step 3.

Take action

Give managers a clear direction on where to focus and take action. Use the tailored reports and digital dashboards to facilitate change programmes that improve Organisational Fitness®.


Start your Road to Recovery

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“What Qlearsite has really brought to us is a new and fresh way of looking at our people insight”

Aggninder Russell - Head of People Strategy & Insight

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