Free Organisational Fitness® Scan

Are you starting to plan for the new normal?

Are you looking to build a more resilient organisation? Do you need a comprehensive COVID-19 impact assessment?

Measure what matters.

We’ve pioneered Organisational Fitness as a way to continually assess and improve your business. Use it to diagnose the impact of COVID-19, make better strategic decisions and create a happy, high-performing culture.

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What the Organisational Fitness Scan covers

Our Organisational Fitness Scan is an employee survey that measures 16 specific areas, all linked to benefits like productivity, customer service and retention.

It helps assess the impact of COVID-19 on your organisation, and identifies opportunities to improve and key strengths to protect.

We also use AI to analyse 4 additional open-text questions to get context and honest opinions from your people. It’s a powerful way to crowdsource actions.

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How it works

The Survey is fast, free and you barely have to lift a finger. There are no contracts and we don’t need any data from you. Our team will generate an anonymous survey link that you can share with your employees and staff via slack, email or intranet.

We’ve thought of everything – survey questions, branding and email templates. Analysis tools and visual reports to get senior leaders on board.

Delivery is fast. Within 14 days from activating your survey, insights will be ready to identify the right actions and plan change.

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Organisational Fitness Results

Leadership Reports – summary of your whole organisation. Ideal for discussing return to work priorities and planning actions with your senior stakeholders.

Team Reports – breakdown of results into different departments to help drive initiatives at a local team level.

Insight Tool – drill into scores and explore what employees are saying using language analysis, including theme categories and sentiment analysis.

Digital Dashboards – empower team leaders with easy to use, visual dashboards to help facilitate change programmes that improve Organisational Fitness®.

Get insightful questions and smart data analysis – all included


  • Ready to go – no data required
    We don’t need an employee register file. We’ll give you a link to send out.
  • Survey questions and branding
    We’ve done the questions. Add logo and brand colour.
  • Email templates and comms plan
    No need to write emails or a plan for deadlines and reminders.
  • Optional Question
    Choose from location, country, age, tenure etc for further insight.
  • Our clever insights tool
    Explore and analyse the data using our software and AI.
  • Dashboards for the company
    Share key info with your people using our visual dashboards.
  • Leadership reports
    Visual summaries to help you get agreement from senior leaders.
  • Team Reports
    Break down the data by teams for more specific insights.

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