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2 May 23 | Partner

You’ve made the decision to partner with Qlearsite, so what’s next… This guide provides the list of requirements you need to prepare and submit in order to be listed on our Partner Marketplace and to help you get started with co-marketing.


Download this checklist for your internal use to manage the Qlearsite Partner Marketplace submission process.

Submission Form

Please complete the form (opens in a Google Form).

The form will prompt you through the following areas and ask for various uploads:

Short description

This could be your company’s blurb. You should include information about your company and briefly describe what products and/or services you offer. This must be less than 75 characters.

Long description

This is the long description of your product/service. This must be less than 500 characters.

Functionality + Integration features

Your description should focus on the value your integration and the partnership with Qlearsite offers both our customers. Begin with a brief overview of what the integration and partnership aims to achieve, and then use bullet points to detail all the features included in the integration, partnership and co-marketing. Must be less than 1000 characters.

Landing Page URL

You need to submit a landing page URL that will be published on your Partner Marketplace profile. This landing page will be the primary source of Qlearsite sending customer referrals to your platform. This must be an attributed landing page that you could track back.

Example url: https://{{partners or marketplace or similar}/qlearsite

Feel free to offer a short discount for first-time customers.


Integration Set-up help guide URL

You will be asked to submit a URL hosted on your website that details a help guide on ‘How to integrate’. The help guide must include visuals for users to set up the integration with Qlearsite as well as a comprehensive description of the steps for setting up the integration.

Your website should feature a Help guide titled “How to Set Up Integration with Qlearsite” or “Connecting Qlearsite with [Your Product Name],” which includes step-by-step instructions accompanied by relevant images.

Examples: Integrating your HR Data with Qlearsite

Customer Support

As part of your integration and partnership with Qlearsite, you must indicate the channels for providing support. You are required to provide two types of contacts.

  1. Support Email for users: this is a support email contact for customers who need assistance with your integration, product or features. A support email contact, such as
  2. Escalation Email: this is a private escalation support email contact used by Qlearsite to contact your organisation. It isn’t shared with customers and will only be used if Qlearsite need to reach your company’s escalation support team regarding Partner Marketplace and/or integration support. Don’t use a general support contact that queues regular customer inquiries.
  3. FAQ Page URL: link to your FAQ page – Frequently asked questions (FAQ) regarding your product.

Branding Guidelines

  1. Logo file upload: the app logo that you submit must conform to the following:
    • Submit a square-dimensioned logo that has a 1:1 aspect ratio. Preferably 400px x 200px.
    • Submit an icon rather than a wordmark (a graphic that includes the company or product name).
    • Submit a logo image that’s in PNG format with a transparent background.
      • SVG and JPEG/JPG formats are also acceptable
      • A coloured background is acceptable if it’s part of the logo colour scheme
  2. Logo tips
    • If your logo isn’t in one of the acceptable formats, ask your design team to convert your existing logo to the preferred PNG format.
    • If your logo isn’t square, consider using your website favicon (typically displayed in the address bar of a browser). Alternatively, you can use the first letter of your app wordmark and convert it to a square image.
    • You can use a slightly non-square icon, but consider the scaling that occurs when your logo is resized to fit a 200 x 200-pixel area.

Marketing Materials

To be included in our Partner Marketplace and to be eligible for co-marketing, we ask that you provide an optional user-facing demo video, a one-pager, and a brief presentation. These assets will be used to address potential user queries or recommendations.

  1. Demo video file upload – optional. You can share a short user facing demo video showcasing your product. No more than 30 seconds.
  2. One-pager file upload about your product and features. PDF format preferred.
  3. Presentation file upload. Covers the company overview, your product and its features, and just one slide on the integration features. Not more than 5 slides, PDF format preferred.
  4. Pricing page URL. Your product pricing and features. You may link to your pricing page, example:

Qlearsite Branding Assets

You can access the Qlearsite branded assets here including company logo, information pack etc.

Setup and share your Partner Referral Link – The referral links to embed to ensure that we track to Qlearsite referrals.

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