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Benchmarking, people metrics and employee feedback. All in one.

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Platform representation showing the combination of hr data and employee feedback

The two things you need
to make informed decisions:

People Metrics + Employee Feedback

We’ve combined the people data you need for informed decision-making. HR data tells you what’s happening, and employee feedback explains ‘why’ – and shows you what actions to take.

How to use the platform

1. Sign up & connect – for free!

Get your free Qlearsite account, and connect your HR platform. You’ll get instant access to people metrics, trends, and attrition and gender ratio benchmarks.

  • Secure connection with 50+ HR platforms
  • Automated attrition and gender ratio analysis
  • Tracking against industry-specific benchmarks

2. Upgrade your benchmarks

When you need more insights, the platform is ready and waiting – upgrade for data on absence, engagement, and more. Decide where you want to focus.

  • Powerful people metrics with industry benchmarks
  • AI-enabled driver analysis with alert notifications
  • Dashboards segmented for each manager

3. Collect employee feedback

Ready to make some informed decisions? Upgrade for our employee survey and text analytics functionality, and crowdsource ideas for change.

  • Leading survey platform with researched question bank
  • AI-enabled text analysis with themes and sentiment
  • Explain your people metrics using employee feedback

Free to start. Affordable to upgrade

All the answers you need, in one platform

Our platform helps you answer key organisational questions – it’s like having a team of specialists’ skills and expertise.

It’s like having your own People Analytics expert

Connect people data and use AI to automatically predict where a change can have the biggest impact.

People Analytics at Qlearsite

Rob Mason, Senior Analyst, E.ON

“Qlearsite’s analysis gave a prediction of what is likely to happen in the future, which is incredibly useful to help build strategies.”

It’s like having your own Employee Surveys expert

Easy-to-use, leading employee survey tool with research-backed question bank and AI-enabled text analytics.

Feedback at Qlearsite

Brent R, Regional Director, Feedback Works

“The most powerful text analytics capabilities I have seen in 25 years of doing employee engagement surveys.”

It’s like having your own HR Business Partner

Distribute data and insights down your hierarchy, empowering data-driven decision-making at manager level.

Business Partner at Qlearsite

Di Smith, Chair of Board, Brighter Futures for Children

“Thank you for introducing us to this tool, it has enabled such a rich conversation and given us so many dimensions to explore as a Board and SLT.”

It’s like having your own HR Domain expert

Deep HR domain knowledge, a background in organisational science, and guidance you can trust will make an impact.

HR Expert at Qlearsite

Renata Andersen Straume, CEO, Varig Technologies

“I really like the high-quality templates – they’re ready-to-use, with the perfect amount of questions.”

Talent decisions, made easy