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How do you make your organisation successful? By building an employee engagement action plan. But you need better data for that. Get a true understanding of what engages people, with a platform that delivers actionable insights – so you can find practical ways to boost engagement in your teams.

We wanted to focus on the rich narrative that open text questions give us, moving away from expecting numbers to speak for our people. But we needed the right technology to analyse that data quickly and cleverly

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Kyla Lacey – Stroke Association

Associate Director of People Experience

Highly engaged organisations are


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How our engagement survey is different

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Shorter survey,
research-led questions

For higher response rates, and better quality feedback, we ask fewer questions – focusing on the ones that really matter to your people.

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Easy access
to actionable insights

With engagement scores to provide focus, and advanced language analysis for context, you get fast results – which can be broken down by team or demographic.

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Learn how drive
organisational success

Simple survey management, customisable dashboards that reveal stories in your data, and report-building tools to empower managers and leaders.

Understand what drives
engagement for your team

How do you boost engagement? There’s not one answer. With our platform, you can see what matters to your teams.

Beyond a score, you’ll identify the key drivers of engagement in your organisation. Maybe it’s passionate leadership, or effective tools – either way, our survey shows you where to focus.

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They were able to quickly update us on the easy steps to set up the survey and importantly how to gain insight from the results, create and implement initiatives to support our employees.

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Gary Hazel – Injazat

Head of Talent Development

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