Employee feedback software that tells the whole story

Employee surveys and text analysis, so you can listen to your employees.

Understand the “why?” and “what next?” behind your HR KPIs.

Brent R, Regional Director, Feedback Works

“The most powerful text analytics capabilities I have seen in 25 years of doing employee engagement surveys.”

Supercharge your employee listening strategy

Fast, easy-to-use survey tool

Build, brand, and send surveys to your people with ease. Because you’re short on time, our platform makes fast work of gathering feedback.

✔ Survey communication templates
✔ Customisable design & branding
✔ Automated scheduling & reminders

Employee survey
Employee feedback
Employee engagement
Employee listening
Employee survey Employee feedback Employee engagement
Question bank

Research-led question bank

What should you be asking? You can rely on our extensive question bank, based on years of research into organisational science. ✔ 20+ question sets to choose from ✔ Optimised for high response rates ✔ Based on organisational science

Insightful results breakdown

When every employee has had their say, you can see the results in easy-to-understand graphs – adding context to your HRIS data.

✔ Heatmaps and cohort analysis
✔ Demographic & departmental filters
✔ Compare most-discussed topics

Employee survey Employee feedback Employee engagement Employee listening
Platform representation showing text analysis

AI-powered text analytics

Pulling out the most spoken-about topics, from all your employees’ feedback, you can be aware of what’s driving trends or causing issues.

✔ Auto-summarised discussion topics
✔ Industry-leading sentiment analysis
✔ AI tech trained on employee feedback

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Anne Therese Bogen, Head of HR, Thommessen

"Qlearsite’s platform is a really helpful tool to push through OKRs – it’s easier when you have statistics and concrete evidence to back up initiatives."


What support do you provide?

Getting started with the Qlearsite Platform is easy.

We have a team on standby to help:

  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager – the world of work is dynamic, your CSM will be available to offer advice and guidance, so you can deliver an amazing People Strategy.
  • Onboarding Specialists – getting started is a seamless and smooth experience. We’ll help you get up and running with your first survey within minutes.
  • Ongoing access to Product Experts – we’re here to support your team. With quick response times, our Product Experts are happy to answer any of your questions.
Are your questions research backed?

Our highly researched and robust methodology, the ‘Organisational FitnessTM Framework, makes it really easy for our customers to collate real-time feedback, understand colleagues sentiment, surface ‘pain points’ and drive action around the complete ’employee experience’.

Developed by our People Scientists from the experience of conducting analysis on over 500,000 survey responses, the review of leading academic research, and validated by over 3,000 organisations, we will provide you access to questions that resonate with employees and are proven to drive higher levels of retention, engagement, customer service, profit and growth.

We use:

  • Closed question scores to create comparable measures of progress.
  • Open text questions for rich context to explain scores and inform change.

We will provide access to a questions bank with over 300 questions, 20+ question sets covering topics including engagement, D&I, wellbeing and employee life cycle events.

Do you provide industry benchmarking?

Yes! We provide comprehensive benchmarking developed using over 3,000 organisations, covering over 20 employee feedback scores such as Engagement and Inclusion.

Our benchmark data can be broken down based on size of organisation and includes over 35 industries in both the private and public sector.

What is text analytics?

Qlearsite’s text analytics technology is next level. It does not skim over your employees’ written feedback, picking out the juicy bits. Using Natural Language Processing (NLP), it reads everything in context, and understands it completely – pulling out the common topics that your people are talking about. It adds the ‘why?’ to your overall performance score.

Customer benefits:

  • Automatically reads and understand 1000s of comments simultaneously – not just counting the number of times a particular word is used.
  • Reads your employees’ comments like a human would, so it understands the specific meaning of words in different contexts.
  • Provides data-led insights you can trust to explain scores and to base your next steps on – trained on thousands of pieces of real employee feedback.

Employee surveys… and more

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