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Employee feedback, survey analysis?
I’m your expert

Understanding your people’s needs isn’t easy, is it? As your Feedback Expert, I can lend a hand thanks to my employee survey questions, and advanced text analysis tools.

Brent R, Regional Director, Feedback Works

The most powerful text analytics capabilities I have seen in 25 years of doing employee engagement surveys.”

Employee feedback software
that works for you

You want to make a difference, and the first step is listening – I’m ready to be your ears, so you hear the whole story.


Fast, easy-to-use survey tool

Build, brand, and send surveys to your people with ease. Because you’re short on time, I make fast work of gathering feedback.

✔ Survey communication templates
✔ Customisable design & branding
✔ Automated scheduling & reminders


Research-led question bank

What should you be asking? You can rely on my extensive question bank, based on years of research into organisational science.

✔ 20+ question sets to choose from
✔ Optimised for high response rates
✔ Based on organisational science


Insightful results breakdown

When every employee has had their say, you can see the results in easy-to-understand graphs – adding context to your HRIS data.

✔ Heatmaps and cohort analysis
✔ Demographic & departmental filters
✔ Compare most-discussed topics


AI-powered text analytics

Pulling out the most spoken-about topics, from all your employees’ feedback, you can be aware of what’s driving trends or causing issues.

✔ Auto-summarised discussion topics
✔ Industry-leading sentiment analysis
✔ AI tech trained on employee feedback

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HR, I’m on your team

Gathering feedback takes a lot of time, doesn’t it? I understand how important it is to really understand what’s driving employee behaviour – and as your Feedback Expert, I’ll give you the context and confidence you need to make a plan.

Ready to work together?