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Domain knowledge, a background in organisational science, and guidance you can trust – that’s what I can offer, like your personal, on-hand expert in all things HR.

Renata Andersen Straume, CEO, Varig Technologies

I really like the high-quality templates – they’re ready-to-use, with the perfect amount of questions.

Human resources expertise
that works for you

Feel assured that your initiatives are led by data, grounded in organisational science, and following best practices.


Evidenced best practice guides

From survey communications templates to advice for optimising your response rate, I’ll share everything I know with you.

✔ Employee survey dos-and-don’ts
✔ Advice for optimising response rates
✔ Written templates to save you time


Research-led question bank

After extensive research, I have compiled the survey questions that most accurately link to organisational performance.

✔ 20+ question sets to choose from
✔ Optimised for high response rates
✔ Based on organisational science


Domain expertise you can trust

When leaders and line managers ask you to justify HR initiatives, send them to me – I have the credentials to give you confidence.

✔ Decades of organisational science experience
✔ Platform trained on employee feedback data
✔ Recognised by Gartner for AI capabilities


In-platform recommendations

After you’ve turned data into insights, and insights into action, I help guide you on your next steps – so you can drive real change.

✔ Warnings about potential attrition risks
✔ Suggestions about what data to gather next
✔ Tools to facilitate change-driving initiatives 

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HR, I’m on your team

The ping pong and pop psychology era is over. You need research-backed, data-led evidence to improve your organisation. I know all there is to know about HR, and I’ll share my expertise with you

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