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HR: People Analytics Expert here

Stuck in spreadsheets? Leave the data wrangling to me. I’m a numbers person, and I’m here to fix your attrition and absence problems. Get my input – I’ll show you what to prioritise.

Rob Mason, Senior Analyst, E.ON

“Qlearsite’s analysis gave a prediction of what is likely to happen in the future, which is incredibly useful to help build strategies.”

People analytics software
that works for you

Your organisation is under pressure, and it needs your support. That’s where I come in. Get real answers, based on data, and learn how to boost retention.


Plug-and-play HRIS integration

Stop stressing over data. Connect your existing HR platform, hand over the stats, and I’ll deal with the analysis. Quickly, and reliably.

✔ Compatible with 50+ HR platforms
✔ Automated monthly data pulls
✔ People insights appear instantly


Trends & meaningful metrics

See visualisations of HR metrics – like attrition and absence – and spot trends in different departments or demographics.

 ✔ Identify trends in historical data
✔ Auto-analysis, reducing manual work
✔ Compare departments or demographics


Powerful predictive analytics

I’m the only data scientist you need. I analyse your people data to show predictions about future risks in your organisation.

✔ Turn past trends into future predictions
✔ Make confident decisions using foresight
✔ Focus on where you’ll have the biggest impact


Data-led priority identification

HR has strategic value – it’s time to make that clear. With me, you can bring hard data, and real impact, to the boardroom.

✔ Pinpoint priority areas in your teams
✔ See what’s driving issues like attrition
✔ Advice for how to gather more data

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HR, I’m on your team

You need a People Analytics Expert. Time to try Qlearsite. I’m just one part of a purpose-built, AI-led platform. Get the capabilities and capacity of a whole HR department, and become a data-driven strategic player.

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