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No spreadsheets, just a deeper understanding of your organisation.

Rob Mason, Senior Analyst, E.ON

“Qlearsite’s analysis gave a prediction of what is likely to happen in the future, which is incredibly useful to help build strategies.”

People analytics software built for leaders

Plug-and-play HRIS integration

Stop stressing over data. Connect your existing HR platform for automatic HR data analytics, with no effort needed.

✔ Compatible with 50+ HR platforms
✔ Automated monthly data pulls
✔ People insights appear instantly

People analytics software represented in graphic form
Platform representation showing HR benchmarks and HR benchmarking data

Trends & meaningful metrics

See visualisations of HR metrics – like attrition and absence – and spot trends in different departments or demographics.

✔ Identify trends in historical data
✔ No more manual analysis
✔ Compare teams or demographics

Powerful predictive analytics

Our platform acts as your personal data scientist – analysing your HR data to show predictions about future risk in your organisation.

✔ Turn past trends into future predictions
✔ Make confident decisions with foresight
✔ Focus on the areas that really matter

Predictive people analytics Attrition forecast
Platform representation showing attrition trends

Data-led priority identification

Understand how to make data-led decisions. Get the information you need to drive your organisation’s strategy forward.

✔ Pinpoint priority areas in your teams
✔ See what’s driving issues like attrition
✔ Advice for how to gather more data

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Anne Therese Bogen, Head of HR, Thommessen

"Qlearsite’s platform is a really helpful tool to push through OKRs – it’s easier when you have statistics and concrete evidence to back up initiatives."


What is people analytics?

People analytics means turning your HR data into insights. You can use it to understand attrition, absences, engagement, and much more.

Is people analytics hard? Not with Qlearsite.

Connect your data, and let our platform handle the analysis – so you can see trends, predictions, and KPIs.

Is people analytics part of HR?

People analytics is for all leaders – whether you’re a line manager, HR director, CEO or team lead. Tap into your people and learn how to drive your goals.

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