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Strategic Planning With Foresight

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to predict events that could impact your company? Well now you can. Qlearsite’s predictive analytics gives you forward vision to predict almost any workforce challenge.

Evidence your beliefs

Predict the impact that workforce trends, initiatives and sentiment will have upon your organisation. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, our platform will help you to plan with confidence and conviction.

  • Hypothesis development
  • Driver analysis

Connect complex data

Pull all of your people data into one cloud-based system that you can access via intuitive dashboards. What this gives you is pure simplicity - a single, clean view of your data to enable clear, consistent analysis without any conflicts.

  • Data cleansing and connection
  • Data visualisation

Simple priorities

Identify the actions that are most likely to change employee behaviour. Our proprietary AI will show you which data is predictive and most important to inform your decisions and plans.

  • Causality inference
  • Initiative valuation
OP Finder

Understand the future

Understand what is most likely to happen next for any key groups of employees so that you can anticipate the future with confidence.

  • Predictive testing
  • Action Planning

Get stakeholder buy-in

Qlearsite gives you the evidence to make a case for proposals, giving you the ability to place a monetary value on impacts – improving your chances of securing buy-in and getting your projects off the ground.

Discover answers to questions as diverse as:


Who is most likely to leave your organisation?

Proactively Retain and Develop

Losing key people can hit your business hard. So don't let it come to that. Instead, use our analytics to predict who is most likely to leave - and why. Calculate the cost to the business of them leaving and develop personalised interventions to encourage them to stay.


How can you improve the safety of your workforce?

Predict and prevent accidents

Understanding the link between specific behaviours and health and safety can help you to improve practice across the board. Qlearsite Predict can identify which team members are most likely to experience hazardous incidents. It can also identify trends, numbers and costs of incidents.


Which L&D programs provide greatest ROI?

Measure the ROI of learning

How can you know if L&D programs are improving people's skills and benefiting the organisation? We help you identify shifts in behaviour and attitudes amongst team members who have undergone training, benchmarking it against those who haven’t.

Predict Features

Explore the key features of 'Qlearsite Predict':

Developing hypotheses

Scientifically create accurate and valuable people analytics.

Predictive testing

Use AI to identify the best model for predicting team behaviour.

Behavioural analysis

Segment employees into groups, based on their predicted future behaviours.

Action planning

Being able to identify the value of different initiatives gives you the confidence to prioritise and plan.

Initiative builder

When you can identify the real value of launching different workforce initiatives, it's easy to prioritise and plan.

GDPR compliant

All Qlearsite data privacy and handling processes are fully compliant with GDPR.


Introduction to Qlearsite


Qlearsite named as a Gartner Cool Vendor

Qlear Thinking Blog

Qlearsite, has been named a Cool Vendor by Gartner, the world's leading research and advisory company

Qlearsite has been selected for the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning Technology in Human Capital Management (HCM) processes, according to the Gartner May 2018 report on ‘Cool Vendors in Human Capital Management Applying AI’.

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