Predictive Analytics

Based on your past experiences, which ten things do you think are going to happen in your organisation in the next six months?

If you put this question to a senior leadership team, the chances are that they will be 50% right. Half of their predictions will happen, which isn’t bad… but it means that if you simply base your decision-making on gut feel, you’re not giving yourself the best chances of success.

This is where Predictive Analytics can be really valuable to your organisation. It replaces gut feel with an evidence base for your planned activities, giving you the confidence to strategise, get buy-in and allocate resources.

Predictive analytics is a key component of our products. Our predictive analytics technology is not dependent on conducting a survey. It can be deployed as a standalone tool running predictions on any source of data within your organisation.




How does it work?

Our advanced algorithms process your historical data with a sole aim – to find patterns that are predictive of future behaviour.

When we use the word “advanced”, it’s not a throwaway marketing superlative. We update, finesse and improve our technology consistently, so that its findings are ever-more accurate.

Our Predictive Analytics allow you to understand the root causes of behaviours… and to understand which of these behaviours are likely to repeat in the future. This can include understanding things like staff turnover, your ability to attract talent – and peaks and troughs in productivity.

When you use Qlearsite Predictive Analytics, you get:

A clear view of what may happen in your organisation

Some history can repeat itself. The trick is to understand what drives that history – so you can take action to make it happen more, or not at all.

An impartial evidence base

So you can make decisions based on scientifically recognised patterns of behaviour.

A way of testing theories and beliefs

You suspect attrition, for example, may be linked to the availability of opportunities for personal development. With our Predictive Analytics capability, we can test if this theory can be backed up with established and predictive patterns.

Highly accurate predictions

We are constantly honing the capabilities of our technology, so that it can recognise the most meaningful patterns in your data.