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One Platform. One Price.

From just $99 per month.

 No hidden costs and no setup fees.

Forget about modules. Get everything you need “out of the box”!

✔ Unlimited surveys
✔ Interactive results dashboards
✔ Advanced language analytics
✔ Predictive Analytics
✔ Action planning
✔ Integrations
✔ Dedicated Success Manager
✔ Secure and GDPR compliant

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Included in your subscription 

employee feedback

Employee feedback

✔ 24+ survey templates
✔ Lifecycle surveys
✔ 300+ expert-designed questions
✔ Create your own surveys
✔ Multiple languages supported
✔ Automated email reminders

Retention Analysis

✔ Historical attrition trends
✔ Forecast Retention Rates
✔ Identify key segments at risk
✔ Driver Analysis
✔ Track trends over time

Results and reports

Results & Reports

✔ Dashboards and Heatmaps
✔ Filter by department or attribute
✔ Theme Categories
✔ Sentiment Analysis
✔ Comparisons and Trends
✔ Benchmarks

Actions and impact

Actions & Impact

✔ Share with Managers
✔ Create Team reports
✔ Add actions and collaborate
✔ Save key segments
✔ Monitor and track changes

Why would you pay for the essentials?

They’re included too. 


Reliable. Secure. GDPR compliant

✔ Fully secure API integrations
✔ Employee Confidentiality built in
✔ You’re in control. It’s your data.
✔ 24/7 Tech Support

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You’re in expert hands. 

✔ Dedicated EX Success Manager
✔ Guided onboarding
✔ Product support
✔ Comprehensive Resource Centre

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a free trial?

Yes. Get in touch with the team and they’ll get you started. No credit card required.

How does pricing work?

It’s a subscription model. So it’s based on how long you want to use the product and the number of employees (or staff/ contractors/volunteers) you have in the platform.

Do you offer discounts?

Yes! We’re always thrilled to welcome new customers – so you get a welcome discount when you sign up to Qlearsite.

If you’re a charity or NGO – there is also a discretionary discount.

How long is the subscription?

Most of our customers commit for a least a year, and therefore enjoy discounted pricing. You can still pay monthly or quarterly. Speak to our team.

Which HR apps do you integrate to?

We know how important it is for your systems to work together seamlessly. We currently have over 50 integration partners.