Go beyond the headline insights and

dive deep into specific areas of focus.


Want to know about specific aspects of your business in transformative depth?

QlearFit is built from 16 components that are proven to drive and create value. A QlearFit+ deep dive allows you to generate deep insight into a specific area. 

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How QlearFit+ works

Conduct a deep dive survey

  • Get in-depth insight into one of the 16 components in the QlearFit framework.
  • Each deep dive survey has its own research-backed framework that will help you identify priorities for your organisation.

Unlock actions using NLP

  • Each deep dive survey allows employees to respond in their own words.
  • Our world-leading Natural Language Processing (NLP) will gather deep-insights from the words used by your employees.
  • The NLP will help you diagnose root causes behind issues and identify actions to improve.

Delve further.

  • Repeat QlearFit+ in the same way or add new focuses to give you even greater insight.
  • Make QlearFit+ part of your regular planning process.
  • See the direct positive impact on your bottom line.

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QlearFit Features

Some of QlearFit's groundbreaking features


Natural Language Processing

Understand what your teams are really experiencing by analysing language.

Learn more about Natural Language Processing


Consultancy Grade Reports

Thought provoking insight, analysis, interpretation and suggestions.

Learn more about Consultancy Grade Reports


Predictive Analytics

Predict to assess the likely financial impact a change initiative will have.

Learn more about Predictive Analytics


Manager Dashboards

Online, interactive dashboards provide all levels of your organisation access to insight.

Learn more about Manager Dashboards


Robust Methodology

QlearFit extracts data about aspects of your business which are scientifically linked to productivity and growth.



Protecting your people data. Trusted by leading brands.

Learn more about Security

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