Qlearsite Partnerships

Qlearsite’s Partner Program offers a unique opportunity to enhance the value you deliver to your customers.
We partner with like-minded organisations looking to help improve the working lives of employees
through innovative technology and organizational science.

Current Partners

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Why Partner with Qlearsite?

We want to enable our partners to resell, develop, integrate, support and service all product offerings.

Growing your business with Qlearsite is easy and profitable, with proven ROI for your customers. We will provide you with a dedicated channel team on hand to support you through the partner journey, develop comarketing initiatives and access to tailored resources and time-saving tools.

Your Workforce Analytics Engine...

We can analyse any and all types of data in your organisation. In practical terms, this means data held within the core HR systems, business performance metrics and most importantly all qualitative data that records the interactions between employees and the employer.

Collectively this represents a complete view of everything recorded about employees within the businesses we support. This people ‘big data’ is the input that enables the most comprehensive, powerful analysis of an organisation that has previously never been possible.

Our work is delivered through:

Cutting Edge Machine Learning

Our technology is constantly learning and evolving, this means you always have the most accurate insights into your workforce to give the confidence to plan for the future

Intuitive Analytics

Interact and explore your data the way you want to. We make it easy to understand your workforce data - no analytics experience neccessary.

Natural Language Processing 

We can process and understand the opinions and sentiment expressed in language used by your people. It has been built using methods trained on millions of documents.


Partner Enquiries

Interested in partnering with Qlearsite? Please submit your details and we will get back to as soon as we can.

"Qlearsite provides an easy to use, easy to integrate platform that we can use to drive business value."