Privacy policy

This Privacy Policy (‘Policy’) explains how Qlearsite Limited (‘Qlearsite’ or ‘we’) collects, uses and discloses personal data about individuals (‘you’). We respect the privacy of your personal data. It will detail the following:

  1. What information we collect from you
  2. How we collect information
  3. How we use the information we collect
  4. How we share information
  5. Cookies
  6. Rights regarding your information
  7. How we keep your information safe
  8. How long we keep information
  9. Contact information and complaints

If you have any queries regarding your privacy when using our website or services, please contact

What information we collect from you

We are sole owners of the information collected on this site. We will not sell or rent this information to anyone.

General customer information:

We only collect information that you voluntarily give to us such as your name, email, company name, phone number and address.

Employee related data:

Qlearsite’s services focus on workforce productivity. We collect a wide variety of employment-related information, including but not limited to employee personal details (e.g. name, physical and email addresses, telephone numbers, date of birth) employment details (e.g. start date, job title, seniority, compensation, manager), education and training information, performance reviews, information on wellbeing (including health information where permitted by customer privacy polices), and survey responses (e.g. on job satisfaction, engagement and inclusion).

Service usage:

We also collect information regarding use of our services by customers and their employees.

How we collect information

General customer and service usage information:

We collect your personal information when you:

  • Use our services.
  • Fill out a form on our website.
  • Contact us by telephone, email, chat or otherwise.
  • share your information with us at a meeting or event.

We also collect personal data about your use of our website using cookies (see ‘Cookies’ below for details).

Employment-related data:

We collect personal data both from employers and directly from employees.

When collecting data from an employer, we require that the employer has a proper legal basis for collecting employee data and providing it to us. Employers usually load employee data directly into our systems using secure electronic interfaces.

We collect employee survey data using secure internet connections. Survey data are stored locally on the employee’s computer or device while completing the survey. The data are transmitted to us only when the employee clicks the ‘Submit’ button on the survey form.

Both employer-provided data and employee survey data can be re-submitted by the customer or employee, which results in the originally submitted data being over-written.

At present, we collect information about usage our services using internal resources. In the future, we may also use third-party analytics services for this purpose.

How we use the information we collect

We use your personal information as described below. Our lawful bases for using your information include your consent, consents obtained from you by your employer, and our legitimate interests in managing our business and marketing our services.

General customer information:

We may use your personal information:

  • To communicate with you about our services and respond to your questions.
  • To improve your experience using our website.
  • To send you information about our business, and related events and news.
  • For billing and account management and maintaining our records.

Employment-related data:

When employment-related data is loaded into the Qlearsite system, the source files are deleted, and the data is stored in a standard format in a database. We transform and process these data for analytics and reporting. Transformed data is presented to users as charts and tables via a web browser. Personal data may also be incorporated into various other types of reports.

Service usage:

We use information about the use of our services to improve the usability of those services, and for analytics regarding use of the services.

How we share information

Except as described below in this section, Qlearsite does not share personal data with third parties. No personal data provided by one customer is shared with any other customer.

Anonymised data:

Qlearsite may anonymise personal data using techniques that ensure that the data cannot be re-identified with individuals or their employers (e.g. differential privacy). Such data may be combined with other data to provide analysis to our customers or to the public on behaviours or trends across companies and industries.

Legal Matters:

Qlearsite may disclose personal data as required by law, or if in our judgement it is necessary to protect Qlearsite, our employees, or customers from harm, loss, or liability.

Merger or acquisition:

If Qlearsite were to merge or to be acquired by another company, or sell substantially all of its assets, the acquirer or resulting company will receive and may continue to use personal data as described in this Policy.


Cookies are small files stored in a web browser – to identify visitors based on browser information, IP address and username – and can track services used and content viewed. Please see regarding how to disable cookies; however, please note that disabling cookies may affect some features of the Qlearsite platform or our website.

Qlearsite platform:

We use cookies to support the functioning of our service platform, and to track the status of surveys sent to our customers and their employees (e.g.whether the survey has been accessed and completion status).

Website and customer relations:

We use the following cookies to track how customers use our website:

  • Hubspot – customer relations and marketing.
  • Google Analytics – analysis of website traffic and performance.

To opt out of being track by Google Analytics, you can install the relevant browser add-on available at

Rights regarding your information

You have the following rights regarding your personal data:

  • Access to and correction of information.
  • Deletion of information and/or certain restrictions on how we process it.
  • Portability of your data to other service providers.

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact us at When we delete your information, it disappears promptly from our active platform; however, it may remain in our back-up systems for a period before being deleted permanently.

You may opt out of marketing correspondence from us at any time, using the ‘unsubscribe’ link in our emails or by contacting via

How we keep your information safe

Information security is central to the way we do business. We have detailed information security policies (which are regularly reviewed and updated), and we aim to use industry best practice for security from both technological and business process perspectives. We define specific permissions for access by Qlearsite employees and customers to personal and other data, to ensure that only those with appropriate authorisation are able to access data. We store our data on Amazon Web Services, while remaining responsible at all times for the security of your information.

To protect your account with Qlearsite, we encourage you to select a secure password, to protect your password, and to use appropriate security software on your devices.

How long we keep information

Employment related data:

We keep employment-related data for the period specified in our agreements with our customers. Where a retention period is not specified by a customer, we keep employment-related data for up to two years from the end of the services to which the data relate. We keep analysis delivered as part of our services, which may contain employment-related data, for up to six years.

General customer and service usage information:

We keep general customer information and information on use of our services for up to two years from the end of the services to which the information relates.

Contact information and Complaints

Qlearsite is registered in England under as company number 09471466, and our registered address is Lower Ground Floor, 5 Cranwood Street, London EC1V 9GR. If you have any questions or concerns about this Policy or the way we use your information, please contact us via, by calling 020 3915 6200 or by writing to our registered office.

If you consider that we have not addressed a problem, you have a right to complain to the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. Further information can be found at

Changes to this Policy

From time to time, Qlearsite may revise this Policy to reflect changes in the law, changes in our products, or for other reasons. Updated versions of this Policy will be posted on our website. If we make significant changes to the Policy, we will contact our customers to explain the changes.

Qlearsite – Terms & Conditions

  1. Scope. Qlearsite Ltd (Qlearsite or we) will provide you with access to the Qlearsite service (Service), as described in Annex 1 to these Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) and the online form for the Service that you complete (Order Form). The Order Form may specify limits on (a) the number and type of users (Users) permitted to use certain tools and/or (b) the number of survey respondents and distributions to which you are entitled.
  2. Term.
    a. These T&Cs apply to you for the period which we have offered you in the Order Form and you have paid for, including any free trial period (Term).
    b. If you do not cancel the Service before the end of the current Term, the Term will be automatically extended for the same period for which you most recently ordered the Service (and you will be responsible to pay for that additional period).
    c. If you breach these T&Cs, including by not paying for the Service by a due date, we may terminate the Service (and applicability of the T&Cs to you) or suspend the Service for a period determined in our discretion.
  3. Pricing and Payment.
    a. Pricing for the initial Term is as specified in the Order Form, including any free trial period. Pricing for any extension of the Term is at our prices applicable at the time of extension.
    b. If you accept a free trial and do not cancel in the period specified in the Order Form, you are responsible for paying for the service for period agreed in the Order Form.
    c. We accept payments by credit/debit card and bank transfer, which we will arrange with you after you order the Service.
  4. Prohibited Conduct. You may not:
    a. Use the Service in violation of applicable law.
    b. Upload, install or otherwise transfer any content, software, virus, advertisement or other item which adversely affects the Service or Qlearsite systems, or otherwise breach or bypass the Service’s or Qlearsite’s security mechanisms.
    c. Except as explicitly permitted by these T&Cs (a) copy, modify, reverse engineer, disassemble or transfer any of the software or content available on the Service or (b) use any device, automatic retrieval mechanism or other means to harvest information about the Service.
    d. Remove or modify any copyright, trademark, legal notice, or other proprietary notice from the content available via the Service.
  5. Intellectual Property (IP).
    a. We grant you a non-exclusive, non-transferable licence to use the Service during the Term.
    b. You confirm that you have the right to provide us with survey responses and other data submitted for the Service (Your Data), and you agree that we may use Your Data for purposes of the Service. We do not acquire any IP rights in Your Data, except the rights to use Your Data as stated in paragraph 7.b.
    c. We own all IP rights in the results of the Service, not including Your Data (Results). You may use the Results for any purpose (including providing the Results to third parties and making them public), except that you may not sell or resell the Results or otherwise engage in business activities aiming to generate revenue from the Results (however, this does not restrict you from using the Results to demonstrate the preparedness or effectiveness of your business).
  6. Limitation of Liability; No Warranty. Qlearsite has developed the Service based upon its extensive experience with employee surveys and has used reasonable efforts to make it useful and effective. However, we do not guarantee that the Service or Results are complete or optimal, and we give no warranty other than as explicitly set out in these T&Cs. QLEARSITE BEARS NO LIABILITY FOR INDIRECT OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES (INCLUDING LOSS OF BUSINESS, REVENUE, PROFITS OR DATA) RESULTING FROM YOUR USE OF THE SERVICE. QLEARSITE’S MAXIMUM LIABILITY FOR ANY CLAIM UNDER THESE T&CS IS LIMITED TO THE AMOUNT PAYABLE FOR ONE YEAR OF THE SERVICE. However, nothing in these T&Cs shall exclude Qlearsite’s liability for fraud or for personal injury resulting from its negligence.
  7. Data Protection and Confidentiality.
    a. We deliver the Service as an independent data controller, and not as a data processor acting on your instructions. In processing any personal data that is included in Your Data, we will comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), UK GDPR, the UK Data Protection Act 2018 and the Qlearsite Privacy Policy.
    b. We treat Your Data as confidential. We will use Your Data only for purposes of the Service, and will not disclose it to any third party, except that (as stated in our Privacy Policy) we may anonymise Your Data and combine it with other data to provide analysis and benchmarking to our customers or to the public on behaviours or trends across companies and industries.
  8. Entire Agreement; Third Party Rights. These T&Cs and the Order Form contain the entire agreement between you and Qlearsite regarding the Service. The Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 does not apply to this agreement.
  9. Applicable Law; Dispute Resolution. These T&Cs shall be interpreted under the laws of England and Wales, and any dispute under them is subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England.
  10. Amendments. Qlearsite may revise these T&Cs to reflect changes in the Service or the law, or for other reasons, and the revised T&Cs will be posted on this page. If we make any material change to the T&Cs and you are a current customer, we will notify you by email and you may choose to apply the T&Cs without the change through the end of the current Term, but if the Term is extended after changes have been notified, you will be deemed to have accepted the amended T&Cs for the extended Term.

Annex 1 – Service Description
This Service description shall be read together with the T&Cs and Order Form.


Services The Service manages and analyses employee surveys. Please see the Qlearsite website for further details.

·       Survey respondents will have access to our Survey Tool.

·       Users will also have access to (a) Survey Management – to create, manage and send surveys, and (b) Insights tool – to review the results of the survey.

·       Add-on services, including additional modules or users can only be agreed via change request.

Qlearsite regularly and frequently adds, changes and improves features of the Service, in line with generally accepted practices for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) businesses.  We do not provide advance warning of our software releases unless the changes significantly (to be determined by us) alter the scope, workflow or operation of the Service.  The platform facilitates the return of any data according to confidentiality settings.

Support We offer support via an on-line customer portal only, which is manned between 9am – 5pm (GMT), and can be used for raising issues or questions by emailing
Language(s) English (UK) ; subject to product updates for additional languages
Confidentiality of Small-Group Responses Qualitative (free-text) survey responses will not be visible in the Insights tool for groups of less than 10 respondents; quantitative responses will not be visible for groups of less than 5 respondents (Confidentiality Settings).  May be varied through a configuration change requested through
System Requirements The Service is web-based and requires the latest version of any of the following web browsers running on up to date Windows or Mac operating systems: Chrome, Edge, Safari and Firefox.


5 Cranwood Street
Lower Ground Floor

Tel: (+44) 0203 915 6200