Map a better future for your employees

Use shorter, smarter surveys that understand your people and what they are asking for so you can build a better employee experience.

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Step 1

Send surveys that ask fewer, smarter questions.

Don't fatigue your people with long surveys with seemingly endless questions. We ask 25 questions or less, using only those that are proven to predict future people performance. 

Step 2

Gather feedback at the right time… not all the time

Do annual surveys feel insufficient, but a monthly pulse overwhelming?

We agree. Our surveys adapt to fit the pace of your company, so they inform your people strategy decisions and give you time to deliver change with impact. 

Step 3

Go beyond a simple checkbox answer and get the full story 

Allow your people to express themselves in their own words and use our world-leading language analysis to categorise their answers into the big, top of mind topics. Use the rich insights to create actions tailored to the unique context of your company.


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Employee Engagement

Surveys with smart language analysis to uncover effective actions.

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Assess company performance to unlock productivity and growth.

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Diversity &

Understand D&I and help build a company where everyone can thrive.

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Aggninder Russell - Head of People Strategy & Insight

“What Qlearsite has really brought to us is a new and fresh way of looking at our people insight”

Aggninder Russell - Head of People Strategy & Insight

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