Release Notes

Find out what is new with the Qlearsite Platform.


🧔 Edit the details of a survey recipient

Survey administrators can now easily edit the name or email address of a recipient, even when the survey is live. Updating an email address will trigger a new invitation to be sent to the recipient, inviting them to respond to the survey.

A guide on how to edit a recipient can be found here.

📊 View comments most strongly associated with a theme

Comments can now be sorted based on how strongly associated they are with a theme, as well as their sentiment. This is to ensure that when you are drilling into the feedback that employees have written, you are seeing the most relevant comments first.

🌟 Top themes of open text questions

You can now more easily identify what employees are talking about with a new widget that shows the top ten themes of each open text question. The widget displays how many comments are associated with a theme, and selecting the theme will add it as a filter.

🔥 Integrate with

Qlearsite can now integrate with 50+ HR Management platforms through Integrating allows you to access insights into your organisation’s attrition rate and makes the process of collecting feedback from your organisation even easier, removing the need to manually create send lists.

For more information, see our Integrations page.

⭐ Action planning

When you have created an action, you are now able to click on this action and return back to the survey results with the relevant filters applied. This allows you to pick-up your analysis from where you left off.

⛬ Supporting organisations with up to 9 levels of hierarchy

We now support up to nine levels of hierarchy, in addition to the whole organisation view. This will allow larger organisations to collect feedback without needing to consolidate any teams.

A preview of the team structure can also be viewed when setting up your sendlist.