Organisational Fitness Report

Why 'fit' companies are more successful

Download our analysis of over 2,000 companies on the state of Organisational Fitness in the UK. 


Organisational Fitness Report

Inside the report

We think that every part of your organisation is measurable and has an impact on how your business performs (growth, profit, NPS) so we set out to validate it. 

After years of testing, refining and improving, we've built a survey that measures 16 key indicators of your organisation's performance. It gives you an understanding of your 'Organisational Fitness' and can identify areas you need to prioritise.

This report summarises the results on an independent test of our work and is based on research from over 2,000 organisations, in 13 industries across the whole of the UK. 

This is our knowledge base and we'd like to share it with you.

What you'll learn

  • Find out what affects your Organisational Fitness.
  • Understand the 16 key indicators for business success.
  • How Organisational Fitness drives Growth, NPS and Profit.
  • Get data that lets you make meaningful change.
  • See how short, simple surveys can be highly effective at predicting future company performance.

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“Organisational Fitness gave us a clear indication about where we need to improve.”

Anders Johnsen - CEO

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