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Responsiveness Survey

Assess your organisational responsiveness in a changing world.

A short survey to help assess your reponse to a sudden change.

Major events, like Covid-19, can create extreme pressure on your organisation and force you to respond quickly.

Our ‘Responsiveness Survey' helps assess whether more could be done and if your people feel enabled, supported, informed and cared for in a time of sudden changes.

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How it works

Step 1.

Assess your response to change

Assess the effectiveness of your response to a sudden change event using just sixteen questions, covering that covering both practical (Protocols, Enabled) and emotional (Care, Visibility) people dimensions. It is simple to set up, easy to administer and quick to generate the insights.

Responsiveness Framework
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Step 2.

Identify opportunities to improve

Immediately after your survey has closed, our platform will generate a consulting-grade report that uncovers the effectiveness of your response and priorities to better support employees.

Results will be summarised in a 'Response Map' - a simple, colourful graphic that will align managers at all levels.

Step 3.

Unlock actions hidden in language feedback

The report uses our AI-enabled language analysis to read free-text responses and explain scores.

When a score identifies a priority, our language analysis will tell you why and, more importantly, unlock insights and actions that otherwise would be hidden.

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We are proud to deliver value to these great organisations
Anders Documaster profile

“I really liked that the 'Care' and Visibility' dimensions were added to this 'Responsiveness' survey, because those things can very quickly be forgotten in emergency situations.”

Anders Johnsen, CEO

Read the case study here

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