Take the work out of
salary exercise

Industry, team, and role-relevant benchmarks based on
100+ million global salaries dynamically mapped to your organisation. 

Salary benchmarking paltform

Aggninder Dhillon, Head of People Transformation, Virgin Media

“The outputs from Qlearsite help us make better decisions – data-based decisions. That’s really important because we want to get it right first time.”

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The Watches of Switzerland Group
The Watches of Switzerland Group
The Watches of Switzerland Group

Why choose Qlearsite?

Global salary data

Access global salary data from over 1 million companies, specific to industry, location, and job title.

Dynamic mapping

See your salaries side-by-side with benchmark data… our tool isn’t just a manual salary search engine.

Analysis of costs

Benefit from analysis of how salary drives attrition & absence costs… our tool isn’t a one-dimensional salary analysis.

See global salary data

Leverage one of the largest salary databases available. Our salary data includes over 100 million salary records from over a million companies globally – so you can make an accurate comparison.


  • Global salary data by role, location & industry
  • Pay data is refreshed multiple times per year
  • Easy-to-search user interface for quick insights
Salary benchmark view
Salary benchmarking paltform

Benchmarks mapped to your roles

Qlearsite Pro connects to your HR platform, pulls your data securely, and automatically maps and visualises salary benchmark comparisons by job title, team, gender and other demographics.


  • Side-by-side view of your salaries & benchmarks
  • Filter your data by job title, team, gender & more
  • Identify pay trends & track your total salary cost

See the cost of attrition & absence

Get deeper insights, thanks to Qlearsite Pro. The cost of attrition and absence is calculated automatically, so you can see how all your metrics are working together to impact the bottom line.


  • See the cost of attrition & absence metrics
  • Industry-relevant benchmarks for these KPIS
  • Track multiple metrics & their costs over time
Salary cost view
Attrition forecast view

Market-leading people analytics

Is pay fair? Is your attrition rate and cost increasing? Are people taking more sick leave than the previous year? Combine HR metrics, analytics, and benchmarking to answer the big questions.


  • Understand if salary is impacting other metrics
  • Predict organisational risks & understand priorities
  • Track trends in your data & see relevant benchmarks

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