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Joining our Solutions Partner Network lets you affect real, lasting change - using our diagnostic tools and language analysis.

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Who is it for?

People who want to affect change. We’re working with customer-centric service providers, resellers, and consultancies who want to grow their businesses.

We provide the diagnostic tools and language analysis; you use our insights to action plan and drive change for clients.


We diagnose

Our diverse range of diagnostic tools can deliver powerful, actionable insights - and they’re all underpinned by powerful Natural Language Processing.


You implement

You’ll uncover what’s working, and what’s not, with easily interpretable results. And our language analysis gives you the why - so you can use our insights to implement change.

What do we offer?


Diversity &

Uncover deeply held feelings, and hidden experiences. Highlighting strengths and weaknesses, companies can also discover how to create more inclusive cultures.


Organisational Fitness

Get real insights into the health and resilience of organisations. Know where to prioritise client change initiatives, creating sustainable and high-performing workforces.


Employee Engagement

Understand the motivations and feelings of employees. Discover what it really takes to motivate the right behaviours, and how to improve employee productivity.

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What our partners say

Deborah Croft Thiving Talent profile image (1)

"The quality of both quantitative and qualitative data that comes from the surveys offered by Qlearsite enables Thriving Talent to help senior leadership teams to make informed decisions on how to best prioritise their diversity and inclusion strategy interventions and respond to employees' needs."


- Deborah Croft, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Thriving Talent

Profile pictures Qlearsite employees (9)

"Qlearsite has developed and harnessed innovative technology that helps organisations better understand the drivers behind the behaviours of its people. This enables us to be more effective in helping organisations understand and act on their unique challenges."


- Anthony Ryland, Founder & CEO at Tap'd Solutions

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