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Our platform is a tool for change, keeping you agile. Whatever you need to know about your people, we help you listen.

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With our employee survey platform, you get better feedback and insights. Watch the demo, and find out why it’s a tool for change.

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Organisational Fitness

Our powerful framework, designed to create change-ready, resilient teams that keep on performing.

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Diversity & Inclusion

We show you how to measure inclusion, just by listening – so you can realise the power of diversity.

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Employee Engagement

Get better insights than traditional engagement surveys offer, so you can make a real impact on your teams.

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Deep Dive Surveys

Question sets for any and every challenge you face – from crisis situations, to employee experience.

The outputs from the Qlearsite technology help us make better decisions - data-based decisions. In the people team, that’s really important because we want to get it right first time.

Aggninder Russell - Virgin Media

Aggninder Russell – Virgin Media

Head of People Transformation

Create honest conversations

Don’t make employee surveys a missed opportunity. By understanding what your people really mean by their feedback, you’ll know how to improve their performance – our survey tech makes that possible.

Better feedback

Because research-led questions and shorter surveys are the key to boosting the quality and quantity of responses.

Better insights

Because our Smart Reader helps you understand 1000s of comments in context, pulling out common topics talked about.

Real impact

Because our platform is a tool for change, with reports and dashboards that show you exactly where you should focus.

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