Company growth and expanding teams: how to stay connected

If you don’t take steps to evolve with your expanding team, your business growth strategy won’t be sustainable.


of the fastest-growing small businesses fail


of startups fail because they don’t have the right staff


of growth failures are linked to scaling up before being ready

While hypergrowth companies face many obstacles, research shows that talent is their primary growth challenge. And one of their biggest talent priorities is how to scale and maintain culture.

Jordana Valencia for Harvard Business Review, 2019

The problem

Business growth is the aim – but growing quickly can put your organisational culture at risk, making it unsustainable.

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Leaders feel disconnected

As your business grows, so does your team. After a wave of new hires, leaders can’t work as closely with their employees – changing company and team dynamics.

Employees feel displaced

Big shifts in team structures are inevitable. If your original staff feel overlooked or overwhelmed as a result, you can expect resignations to soar.

Decision-making is stalled

When things are moving fast, clear decision-making is key. In newly expanded teams, there’s pressure on managers to keep everyone aligned.

The solution

Organisational Fitness is a new way of measuring performance and resilience. It assesses 16 key areas – from ‘leadership’ to ‘decision making’– to understand your organisation’s general capacity for adapting to rapid growth and change.

To truly understand what’s important to your employees – and identify issues caused by fast growth – we use advanced language analysis technology.

How it works

Using a short survey, it measures fitness in 16 key areas, across 4 pillars:

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make sure the organisation takes the right actions

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organise and support teams to deliver change

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adapt and succeed in a fast-changing environment

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share relevant information and encourage connectedness

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The Org Fitness Map was probably the best overview I have ever seen in an employee survey, it was so easy to pinpoint the exact things that employees want to improve.

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