Change management:
how to get it right

The world of work is constantly changing – and most organisations aren’t resilient enough to handle change.


of change management programmes fail


of CXOs feel their organisation can handle disruptive change


rise in workload can mean change programmes fail

COVID-19 has made transformation harder across most dimensions of performance.

Boston Consulting Group, 2021

The problem

Change is inevitable. But that
doesn’t mean your people are ready.

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Employee resistance

Mergers and acquisitions, restructures, personnel changes – sometimes these things have to happen. But you need to get your people on board first.

Management support

Employees may be unsettled or anxious about big developments in the organisation. If they’re not reassured and supported, progress could be stalled.

Getting buy-in

You might understand why change needs to happen, but does everyone? Make sure your team is involved, motivated, and dedicated to what’s about to happen.

The solution

Our Organisational Fitness survey is a new way of measuring performance and resilience. It assesses 16 key areas – from ‘leadership’ to ‘inclusion’ – to get your organisation’s general capacity for performance, and resilience in times of change.

To truly understand what’s important to your employees – and identify issues that will impact change initiatives – we use advanced language analysis technology.

How it works

Using a short survey, get a measure of your organizational fitness in 4 key areas:

governance icon


make sure the organisation
takes the right actions

enablement icon


organise and support
teams to deliver change

visibility icon


share relevant information and encourage connectedness

agility icon


adapt and succeed in a
fast-changing environment

Orgfit Graphic screenshot

Organisations with top
scores for ‘fitness‘ are:


more likely to have the best customer service


more likely to have highrevenue growth


more likely to have high engagement


more likely to bethe most profitable

The Org Fitness Map was probably the best overview I have ever seen in an employee survey, it was so easy to pinpoint the exact things that employees want to improve.

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