Diversity: we need to move faster

Everyone knows how important diversity is, for both people and performance. But it’s taking too long to get there.


of Fortune 500 CEOs and just 15% of corporate executives are women


of disabled working age people are in employment due to barriers


of LGBTQ+ staff don’t think their workplace tries to include them

Without inclusion the crucial connections that attract diverse talent, encourage
their participation, foster innovation, and lead to business growth won’t happen.

Harvard Business Review, 2017

The problem

Diversity is the goal, but it’s not sustainable if you don’t create an inclusive culture:

inclusion in the workplace

Attracting talent

A diverse workforce is good for business, but attracting talent can be difficult – especially if you don’t have a reputation for being an inclusive organisation.

Retaining staff

You can hire whoever you want, but people will leave if they don’t feel included. That could be socially, culturally, or in terms of the opportunities they’re offered.

Making progress

To help change the narrative (and those stats!) about diversity in the workplace, consider how your pay and progression structures are viewed internally.

The solution

Our Inclusion survey helps you understand the deeply held feelings of your people. It’s designed by experts to help you pin-point and address inclusion issues that are blocking progress on diversity – so you can use your employees’ lived experiences to guide change.

To truly understand how included employees feel – and the nuances and context behind their written feedback – we use advanced language analysis technology.

How it works

Using a short survey, it measures inclusion in several key areas:

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Safety & Access

if your organisation is safe and accessible

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Trust & Fairness

if your organisation is trusted to treat people fairly

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if your organisation accepts and connects everyone

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if your organisation celebrates all identities

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The outputs from the Qlearsite technology help us make better decisions - data-based decisions. In the people team, that’s really important because we want to get it right first time.

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