Retention: today’s biggest challenge

Employee expectations are changing. Without listening, organisations are at a real risk of losing their talent.


of employees are planning to quit since the pandemic


of UK employers are struggling to hire for certain roles


of employee salaries can be the cost of staff turnover

Pandemic and societal pressures accelerated the worker-employer relationship’s evolution beyond anyone’s anticipation.

Deloitte, 2021

The problem

Retaining staff is an industry-wide priority. But it means understanding why people leave, and why they stay.

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Employee expectations

From the demand for remote work, to the growing awareness of social responsibility, your current and prospective employees have new needs you should consider.

Purpose and meaning

Employer brands need to go beyond the basics. A good salary, generous perks, and a friendly company culture should be the default – but your people need purpose too.

Salary and opportunities

In a highly competitive market, are you just not measuring up? From making sure your salaries are attractive, to offering advancement opportunities, find ways to step up.

The solution

Our Employee Engagement survey goes beyond conventional methods. It’s underpinned by the 16 topics that matter most, from ‘role fit’ to ‘purpose’. Designed by domain experts, proven to drive employee retention.

To truly understand what’s important to your employees – what would motivate them to stay and perform – we use advanced language analysis technology.

How it works

Using a short survey, it measures engagement in several key areas:

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 if employees plan to remain in your company

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if employees would recommend your company

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if employees can react to changing needs

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if employees can be proactive, taking the initiative

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if employees keep going despites challenges

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if employees always make an effort

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if employees take pride in the work they do

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The outputs from the Qlearsite technology help us make better decisions - data-based decisions. In the people team, that’s really important because we want to get it right first time.

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