Strategic Listening

Feedback at the right time... not all the time

Our survey approach adapts to your company's needs, sets strategic priorities and informs successful change initiatives.

Strategic Listening

The challenge

Some people think surveys are a waste of time. They are annual tick-box exercises that are quickly forgotten or pulse surveys that keep asking the same questions without anything really changing.

We believe feedback must be acted on. Our surveys help your leaders deliver change by setting the right priorities and uncovering the best ideas for actions that can be delivered at a sustainable pace.


How we do it

Surveys are often viewed with distrust or worse, apathy. That's because people don't believe the results will be used to create change. They've lost faith that their feedback will be acted upon.

Qlearsite was founded by experts in strategy and change who advised some of the world's leading organisations to design successful initiatives that deliver results and real impact.

We used that experience to design a strategic survey approach. It adapts to fit the needs and maturity of the organisations we serve. As a result, it succeeds in delivering change that lasts.

Scan to set your priorities, then deep-dive into a single focus topic to crowd-source the best actions from across your organisation. Then deliver change and when you're ready, measure the impact.


How it works

Step 1

Set priorities

Our scans help leaders get a quick sense of strengths and opportunities to improve. Quickly covering a range of strategic topics, they bring into focus the top priorities.

Step 2

Diagnose root causes

Use deep-dive surveys to focus on a single priority topic. Crowd-source ideas and uncover actions that act as building blocks of successful change initiatives.

Step 3

Measure impact

After you've delivered change, scan again to measure progress and share the success of your team's actions. Then refocus with a new prioirty for your next deep-dive.


Ready to find out more?

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