Engaging employees to deliver positive outcomes for children

2 Jun 23 | Success Stories

IndustrySocial Services
LocationUnited Kingdom
NameBrighter Futures for Children

The Challenge

Brighter Futures for Children (BFFC) is a not-for-profit organisation, owned by Reading Borough Council. They deliver children services and have multiple UK offices, with a staff of roughly 560 employees.

Given the fundamental importance of a motivated and engaged workforce in delivering positive outcomes for children, young people and their families, the Board wanted to get a better understanding of how they could improve their employee experience with the view of ensuring work conditions were right as they continue their very critical mission.

The Solution

Using the Qlearsite platform, they surveyed their 560 employees, ranging from social workers to staff in support functions like HR and Finance. They used the Organisational FitnessTM framework to provide a holistic overview of the state of the employee experience they offer staff, focusing on the 16 key areas that matter the most at work – from ‘Leadership’ to ‘Tools’.

The survey prompted a meaningful conversation, allowing the results to be presented in an engaging and actionable format. By utilising advance text analytics functionality in the platform, BFFC was able to understand the real issues within their organisation and map out key actions to improve.

“Thank you for introducing us to this tool, it has enabled such a rich conversation about staff engagement and given us so many dimensions to explore as a Board and SLT working together.“

Di Smith | Executive Chair of the Board

The Impact

Brighter Futures for Children saw a solid 65% Organisational FitnessTM score, giving them a clear view of their strengths and some opportunities to improve. These results were used for corporate decision-making processes, including the Board.

From the survey results, BFFC had a much clearer sense of what needed to be addressed in order to support their immediate operations as well as longer-term strategy – but also to help their staff to work more effectively together and, most importantly, with children, young people and their families.

“It is encouraging to see areas of strength, but the real value is the highlighting of opportunities where we can, and will, do more to support and engage our staff.“

Di Smith | Executive Chair of the Board

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