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The best thing about our survey platform is that it can be used for whatever challenge you face, to help your organisation stay agile. We’d already worked with Documaster to run our Organisational Fitness survey, but when COVID-19 hit Europe they needed to focus on their response

CEO Anders Johsen chose to run our Readiness survey, to understand how ready his organisation was for the coming months.

We wanted to confirm that we were ready and enabled to continue our work from home, and we wanted to ask all employees to see if there was something we had not thought about.

Anders Johnsen


The challenge: a full-scale move to remote working

  • Though used to remote work, they wanted to assure business continuity
  • They needed employee feedback on what extra steps were needed

Documaster were used to working from home when needed, with offices spread across Europe – so in that sense they were ready to continue working as normal. Even so, after deciding in early March that all employees should work from home, they wanted to make sure they were ready and enabled. It was also a chance to ask if there was anything they hadn’t thought of.

We were already a customer of Qlearsite, so we had great confidence in their frameworks.

Anders Johnsen


The solution: Our Readiness survey

  • Ready-made suggestions for communicating internally about the survey
  • They got a link to the survey, then it was ready to go
  • Only 16 questions for the Documaster teams to answer
  • Just 4 days from registration and completing the survey to a finished report

The Readiness survey was designed to be as low-touch as possible – so from sending the survey, they were only four days away from getting results. Documaster shared their Readiness Report with all colleagues via their Slack channel, and talked openly about the changes that they were making as a result – and asked colleagues to be mindful of others.

The results: a reassuring response, and new focus on flexibility

  • Confirmation that they were ‘remote ready’
  • A prompt to focus on care and flexibility

As expected, Anders was reassured to get the confirmation that Documaster is ready and able to work from home. But there were still some key learnings: they got an indication that they needed to reassure employees about care and flexibility. In particular, people needed to know it was ok to work at home with their kids there. They knew they had to communicate their commitment to flexibility, to see their people through the crisis.

Qlearsite, as always, was fast and good in all responses. The report was great and easy to read.

Anders Johnsen


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