Improving employee engagement to boost customer experience

2 Jun 23 | Success Stories


The Challenge

With their origins in mandatory safety testing of electrical equipment in Norway, back in 1933, Nemko (Norges Elektriske Materiellkontroll) have drastically grown their scope since. Now an independent organisation, they’ve drastically expanded to offer testing, inspection, and certification services globally – with a presence in 12 countries.

With a history of significant growth and organisational changes, Nemko is constantly striving for improved performance. With their latest growth strategy focused on customer experience, they knew employee engagement would be a key focus – due to the proven links between the two.

“We would recommend Qlearsite for their customer service-oriented approach, and high quality methods.“

Yngvar Sjoner | SVP of HR and Organisational Development

The Solution

With customer experience a focus for Nemko, the obvious solution was our employee engagement survey with our Organisational FitnessTM overlay. As well as the extensive data relating it to engagement, our research has found a strong positive correlation between Org Fit scores and customer NPS.

We offer short, research-backed surveys, and use advanced language analysis to add context and meaning to engagement scores. For Nemko, that allowed them to understand more about their people – and take appropriate actions, based on their feedback.

“I liked the fact that it was short and well-defined, based on a factor analysis of 500k questions and containing artificial intelligence for reading open comments.“

Yngvar Sjoner | SVP of HR and Organisational Development

The Impact

Employee surveys should be a tool for change. Nemko followed this rule, basing their next strategic steps on the insights they discovered – by building on their strengths, and addressing their weaknesses:

  • Role Fit. Digital training to keep supporting people to build their skillsets
  • Inclusion. Justification to keep building a growth mindset culture
  • Empowerment. Plans to establish a succession management process
  • Tools. New initiatives to improve digital systems, processes, and policies

Following these actions, Nemko planned to run a follow-up ‘Innovation’ deep dive – a targeted survey that allows you to dig deeper when needed. Knowing exactly where to focus their efforts gave a clear direction for boosting employee engagement – which our research suggests can improve customer experience, and lead to higher growth. Nemko can continue their longstanding success story.

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