Maintaining culture while growing multiple brands

2 Jun 23 | Success Stories

NameOtiga Group

The Challenge

Otiga Group is based in the Nordics and is made up of 12 specialist brands, dedicated to recruitment, consulting and temporary staffing. They cover the construction and medical industries, as well as executive search, temporary staffing and offshore engineering – spread across Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Lithuania.

The group is growing and changing constantly, so it was important for Otiga Group to know how every employee felt, and what their experience was across different brands and locations. It was crucial for them to understand exactly what everyone thought about the organisational changes that were being made across the company.

“The aim with using Qlearsite was to gain insight and data on what can be improved to ensure that our people are the most engaged within our industry.“

Helen Aasgaard | Chief HR Officer at Otiga Group

The Solution

With multiple spinning plates, Otiga Group wanted an overall temperature check of their organisation, and to understand how to keep their company fit and healthy as they grew.

Our Organisational Fitness scan instantly showed Otiga Group what their key strengths and opportunities for development were. This was all broken down to the brand level too, letting them be laser-focused on how to go forward.

In the words of Helen Aasgaard, Chief HR Officer, “the analysis has outlined some important strengths, that should also be of focus when addressing the results, to ensure that we use our strengths properly. The break down into brands and division is of value, as it helps us to work with improvements at the right place.”

“The Qlearsite analysis has provided insight into what can be improved. The free-text has been extremely valuable to be able to pin-point opportunities for development.“

Helen Aasgaard | Chief HR Officer at Otiga Group

The Impact

Some results came as no surprise but were still valuable in confirming, with data and evidence, that they were addressing the right issues. They also shed light on key areas of focus that they hadn’t previously considered.

These powerful insights also uncovered big differences in employee experiences when it came to different brands. Our platform gave an indicator score for each brand, showing the specific variations across the Otiga Group. That gave them a clear path forward.

“We are working with the companies and divisions. to construct a template for each company to use when working with the results. Here a strength-based approach is assessed.“

Helen Aasgaard | Chief HR Officer at Otiga Group

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