Enabling Proactive and Successful Employee Retention

6 Jun 23 | Success Stories

LocationOslo, Norway

The Challenge

As a people-centric organisation, Thommessen is continuously looking to improve its workplace and employee experience to ensure employees are motivated to stay and thrive. The COVID-19 pandemic, which made it more difficult for teams to stay connected, had emphasized the importance of gathering and acting upon employee feedback to maintain the firm’s strong culture and retain top talent – key to protecting its marketing leading position as a top-tier European law firm.​

Therefore, measuring Employee Engagement and Employee Retention Risk are considered key for proactively managing organisational success, especially as the external environment is becoming more and more unpredictable. ​

“The survey is key for us to not only gain insight as to what drives our employees motivation, but it also gives us the opportunity to show them that we really listen to their feedback.“

Anne Therese Bogen | Head of HR

The Solution

Thommessen is a long-standing customer of Qlearsite and uses the platform’s Organisational FitnessTM framework to gather holistic feedback across a range of key people topics to inform people strategy and identify actions to improve Engagement and mitigate Retention Risk. ​

​Their 2023 survey results showed a highly engaged workforce with a 90% Engagement Score, which was up by 6pp from 2022. However, the Retention Risk analysis identified a high-risk group of people where circa 50% answered unfavourably to ‘Leadership’, ‘Communications’ and ‘Experience’ – close to 2 times higher than the organisation.​

When going deeper into language themes and comments, the standout themes that people were talking about were ‘training and development’ and ‘career opportunities.

“It has helped us understand better what we need to focus on and what we are doing well, and it helps us analyse and see change year-on-year. Once we do our survey is when the work really starts.”

Anette Sjuve Martinussen | Senior HR Advisor

The Impact

Thommessen’s continuous strive to improve, combined with the capabilities of the Qlearsite platform, has enabled proactive and successful management of Employee Engagement and Employee Retention. ​ This latest survey has validated Thommessen’s hypothesis that improving ‘training and development’ is the next immediate employee need to address. Most importantly, it has created support from the Board and Leadership Team, which is essential for the team to be successful.

“We have noticed training and development kept coming up this year and it has validated a project that we are about to launch around this. It has helped us gain traction and buy-in from board and leadership, and the support to invest time and effort in this big and important project.“

Anne Therese Bogen | Head of HR
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Anne Therese Bogen, Head of HR, Thommessen

"Qlearsite’s platform is a really helpful tool to push through OKRs – it’s easier when you have statistics and concrete evidence to back up initiatives."