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How do you survive a crisis? The global pandemic has changed our working lives in drastic, unforeseen ways – from industry closures to a large-scale move to remote work. Now, more than ever, organisations need to adapt to stay successful.

At Qlearsite, we’re passionate about the power of people – and helping businesses use that power to thrive, rather than just survive. That’s why we’ve partnered with Visma Talent Solutions, a company within Visma who is the leading European software provider. With over 12,000 employees and 1 million customer contracts across the entire Nordic region, they provide leading strategic HR solutions using people technology.

The Nordics are not unfamiliar territory for us: we entered the market by providing employee survey solutions to organisations like reMarkable, the OTIGA Group, and Documaster. That means we understand the challenges for clients in this region – and through our partnership with Visma Talent Solutions, we can drive positive change.

We are thrilled that a market leader like Visma recognises the value of Qlearsite’s employee feedback platform. Our partnership will accelerate our shared mission of empowering people to thrive at work. Together, we offer unrivalled access to HR tech innovation and insights to help organisations manage rapidly evolving workplaces.

Alex Borekull

Co-founder of Qlearsite

Maintaining Scandinavia’s track record for company culture

Before Covid-19 changed the playing field, workplaces in the Nordics were known for their strong company cultures. In the same way that countries like Sweden and Norway consistently rank in the top 10 for general happiness, they’re similarly world-leading when it comes to workplace satisfaction.

But no-one is safe from the uncertainty and disruption that coronavirus has caused. To maintain a healthy culture and improve productivity and performance, organisations need to be aware of the threat to their people’s wellbeing and, understand how to manage a hybrid working model effectively. That’s where our unique Employee Engagement solution comes in.

Listening is the key to helping your people: our platform can help

A partnership led by people technology

There’s a clear consensus: employee engagement is good for business. High levels are linked to higher profits, lower absenteeism, better customer service and much, much more. Ensuring your workforce is engaged in what they do – that is, emotionally connected to their work and organisation – will improve their performance across the board.

Our joint goal is to help you not only understand what is driving engagement, but also explain the ‘why?’ behind your employee engagement score. Using language analysis technology, listening to and understanding 1000s of people is as easy as one honest conversation. This makes it easy for organisations to take their next steps. With Visma, we believe we can help organisations across the Nordics understand how to further improve their performance.

We are very excited to enter into a key partnership together with Qlearsite. Together, we will be able to offer a best of breed engagement platform combined with our strategic HR suite offerings and people tech know-how.

Tobias Hareide

Managing Director at Visma Talent Solutions

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