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The New Year’s resolution every organisation should make

Lydia Watson

2020 is nearly over. It’s not been the year that anyone expected, and it’s probably not one that many will look back on fondly. But what can we learn as we’re going into the next 12 months?

2020: from pandemic to endemic racism

This year was marked by a litany of cancelled plans, challenging uncertainty, and the devastating loss of livelihoods and life itself. There are few industries that haven’t been hit by the pandemic in some way – from business closures and mass redundancies, to furloughed staff and failed attempts to meet targets.

Couple that with a global discussion about racism’s unrelenting presence in society, and all this came with a renewed realisation from organisations that they need to take diversity and inclusion seriously.

With employees experiencing old traumas and new coronavirus-related challenges, businesses need to find better ways to offer support. And there’s one important place to start.

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The most important resolution you should make? To listen

Whether it’s supporting the wellbeing of remote workers or keeping an eye on how included employees feel, it starts by listening. That’s it. Not assuming you know how people feel, or following industry best practise, or acting how you’d like a manager to treat you – but asking questions and inviting open, honest answers.

Why is listening important?

Our research shows that, if nothing else, listening is good for your business. Employers that listen see higher growth, and better NPS – based on an analysis of over 2000 organisations across industries – boosting it by 4.6x and 14.4x respectively.

How should you listen?

Face-to-face conversations aren’t really an option right now – unless you’re happy with layers of perspex, masks, and 2 metres of space in the way. But that might not be such a bad thing after all. When it comes to tackling sensitive topics, our manager might not be the preferred confidant – and they could be part of the problem anyway.

Employee surveys, confidential or anonymous, give your people a safe, secure place to open up – allowing you to really understand what’s going on in your organisation. And we can help:

  • Ask the right questionsFor real understanding, you need to ask questions that get to the crux of the matter. Through a lot of research, we’ve worked out what those are
  • Understand their answersYou don’t need to read 1000s of comments to understand where you need to focus – we find common themes, and identify frequent problems
  • Act on what you’ve learnt: In our platform, you’ll see your organisation’s strong and weak points clearly displayed – and understand the key areas that you need to act on.

It’s time to start the conversation

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