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Turn employee feedback into action with our survey dashboard

Lydia Watson

There’s a lot of things we believe in. We want to see more diverse, inclusive workforces. And for employee wellbeing to be prioritised more broadly, for the sake of your people and your business interests. And we believe we can help make those things happen.

What it all comes down to is helping managers listen to their teams, and giving them the tools they need to turn feedback into change:

Employee experience can be understood and improved with surveys

Let’s be clear: employee surveys are the #1 way to measure employee engagement. In fact, they’re the best way to measure almost anything you need to know about your workforce.

There’s a lot of reasons why, from giving you usable data to making people feel heard, but the most important thing is what you do next. A massive 58% of HR don’t use their survey results to inform any decision-making.

But if you’re bothering to ask your staff survey questions, these rich insights shouldn’t go to waste. That’s where we come in…

Employee engagement software that show you what to do next

Whether you’re measuring engagement, inclusion, or something else, knowing your score is only step one. Leave it there, and it’s like recognising a symptom of an illness, but not connecting it to the illness itself – or taking any steps to treat it.

That’s why we’ve created survey dashboards that take you from employee feedback to action – by equipping managers with the insights they need, and providing them with tools for change.

View results by organisation or by team

So overall, the organisation has a 63% engagement score. That’s interesting, but it’s not to say that’s the score for both the Marketing and Tech teams. Our dashboards let you view the results of individual teams, so it’s easier to pinpoint problem areas – as the organisation’s leaders can compare and contrast different team’s scores.

It’s mapped to your company’s internal hierarchy too, so line managers only see what they need to see: their team’s scores, and areas for improvement.

Dive into demographic breakdowns

Sometimes, you might want to cut and slice the data in a different way. On our dashboards, you can understand the responses of different demographics too – like gender, age, ethnicity, religious belief, or whether they’re full or part-time workers.

That means you see the overall score, areas to celebrate, places to focus, and key drivers for different groups – giving you a greater understanding of employee experience, and how to act.

See strengths, weakness, and key drivers

Thanks to the combination of qualitative and quantitative data – from Likert scale questions, and those where employees write their own answers – we can show you your strong points, and where there’s room for improvement. You’ll also see what’s driving engagement.

This helps you narrow down your focus. You’ll know where to look more closely, so you can start understanding why you’re scoring low in a particular area.

Look at the comments, and their sentiment

The feelings behind answers are colour-coded (green for positive, red for negative) so it’s easy to understand – see ‘Reward’ in red, for example? You might want to dig deeper, so you know why your employees responded negatively.

The way you do that is looking at all the comments, grouped by that topic. There you can quickly understand the reasons behind your score in that area, and know what to do about it.

Use action planning functionality

You’ve got your results, broken them down, investigated them further, and now it’s time to make a real impact. Our action planning functionality lets you set and track actions, so each manager can take ownership of their team’s performance.

From all the insights you’ve gathered, you’ll have a clear path to change. And that’s how employee feedback can lead to action that improves organisations.

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