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We are proud to be working closely with our partner – Visma – to offer their customers the best way to improve employee retention using employee feedback.

During our onboarding together, we will cover with you how to target the right customers, run a successful pitch and start the new customer onboarding process:

  • Find High-Quality Leads. We will walk through a typical example of origination sequences and show you the comprehensive level of support and sales assets you have at your disposal. This includes a helpful guide on the right persona, example ‘elevator’ pitches and useful qualification questions.
  • Run the Best Pitch. Easy-to-follow slide decks and assets you can use in your conversations with customers, answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and some ideas on how to handle common objections.
  • Close with a great Product Demo. Whether you are demonstrating the Platform yourself, or using one of our easy-to-share, guided ‘interactive’ demos: we can help you get the most impact from your demo sessions. Here we will cover important topics like managing retention risks, connecting data with integrations and finding root causes in employee feedback.