D&I Don’ts – Part 1

21 April 2021

What do organisations get wrong, when it comes to promoting diversity, inclusion, and equity? We explore common tripping points, and share our insights on best practice.

Hosted by Evy Fellas, Director of Consulting at Qlearsite, and Steffi Maranan, Consultant

What you get from this Qlearshare webinar

 Learn which “D&I Don’ts” organisations should be avoiding

It’s easy to get things wrong, even with the best of intentions. This webinar will flag common misconceptions and tripping points when it comes to D&I issues.

Get expert advice from two experienced consultants

With a deep understanding of organisations across the UK and beyond, in a range of different sectors, Evy Fellas and Steffi Maranan offer deep insights into this area.

Listen and add to an open and honest conversation

Talking about diversity and inclusion is the first step to change. Join Evy and Steffi as they freely discuss this topic, and submit your questions through the chat.

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