Survival of the Fittest: Top traits of organisations that come out stronger following a crisis

14 March 2021

In collaboration with our partner, OE Cam, we will be discussing why ‘fit’ companies are more likely to survive a crisis and what you need to be paying attention to, in order to build a healthy organisational culture. Join us in an open discussion.

Presented by: Peter Clark, Co-founder at Qlearsite and Julie Brophy, Principal Consultant at OE Cam

What you get from this Qlearshare webinar

What can we learn from past crises?

We analyse companies that survived and even thrived through previous crises and share our key learnings. The ‘fitter’ the company, the more resilient they were through crises.

How do we define organisations that are ‘fit’?

We discuss what company culture characteristics are key indicators of organisational fitness and give you insight into how you can assess the health status of your organisation.

Where do we go from here?

How do you align your organisation model around your strategy? Who is accountable? Where does the power and decision making sit? We also discuss the importance of being agile to the right degree.

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