The Voice of 10,000 Workers. Learnings from companies responding to COVID-19

12 March 2021

We asked 10,000 people how their business responded to the crisis in the past two months. This is what we learned. When the COVID-19 crisis hit, businesses had no choice but to strictly manage their finances and adapt with new strategies. Everyone had to get this right, but according to our data it’s not what made the biggest difference.

Hosted by Josephine Groom, Chief Operating Officer at Qlearsite

What you get from this Qlearshare webinar

An understanding of what companies did well

General performance overview including responsiveness, policies and procedures, and an understanding of how enabled employees felt working from home, even when the company didn’t have the best ‘set-up’.

What companies struggled with

According to the World Health Organisation, as many as 1 in 4 people will suffer with some kind of mental illness at work but that only 1 in 16 feel comfortable talking to their manager about it (and this was before we were hit with a global pandemic).

What sets the best companies apart?

There’s a lot of uncertainty about what the future holds. The best companies have been able to minimise some of this uncertainty with clear and transparent communications followed up with transparent one-on-one communication with line managers.

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