Wellbeing at work

12 May 2021

Joined by IMPOWER Consulting, we examined wellbeing in the workplace. Learn why it’s a relevant topic for your organisation, especially now, and what practical steps you can take to support your people.

Hosted by Qlearsite consultant Evy Fellas and Steffi Maranan, and joined by Ebony Hughes of IMPOWER Consulting.

What you get from this Qlearshare webinar

The biggest trends in wellbeing

Over the last year, ‘wellbeing’ has taken on a new significance. You’ll hear about the latest trends, and the broader impact of the events of 2020 when it comes to wellbeing.

What wellbeing means for your organisation

Why is this a relevant topic for any business? We’ll touch on the impact that wellbeing has on your people and business performance, and its link to resilience and Organisational Fitness.

 Easy ways to measure and improve wellbeing

Learn how we help you measure your people’s wellbeing, and hear our tips, tricks, and data-backed strategies to improving wellbeing for all your employees.

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