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Why you need Qlearsite’s language tech

Lydia Watson

Employee feedback. It’s the key to your organisation’s success. But whether you’ve got a team of 50 or 5000, you know that it can be hard to understand what people are really talking about.

Strongly agree to strongly disagree, on a scale of 1-10… these sort of questions don’t always get to the real issues. That’s where our advanced language analysis comes in – digging deeper, and making it clear where you need to focus.

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Language is complicated: it’s all about the context

It’s easy to get the wrong end of the stick, even in face-to-face conversation. So understanding the meaning of written comments is even trickier – especially for a computer. Consider homonyms, words with the same spelling but different meanings. Here’s an example:

The right to bear arms vs. That bear has arms, right?

Where ‘bear’ can mean ‘carry’ or refer to a furry mammal, ‘arms’ can mean guns or, well, arms, and ‘right’ can mean a legal/moral entitlement or just ‘correct’, then you can see where the difficulties might arise.

panda on a tree

So when someone asks “do you want a date?”, how can you tell whether they’re making advances or offering you a tasty morsel? Simple: the context. And that’s key to accurate, reliable language analysis.

What other survey providers mean by ‘language analysis’

When you really need to know what matters to your people, accuracy matters. That’s why we’re proud of the advanced technology Qlearsite uses, that understands context – and why you should be concerned about relying on the alternatives.

Here’s how some of our competitors ‘analyse’ your employee’s language:

  1. They break up employee feedback into single words
  2. They get rid of words like “a”, “the”, “and”
  3. They count all the words
  4. They show the most commonly used words, possible in a word cloud
Winning-With Wellbeing word cloud

Watch our demo, to see the level of insight our tech offers

Here’s where the lack of context comes into play. If the word ‘happy’ comes up as the most frequently used word, does that mean you can sit back and relax – confident that everything’s going well? Of course not – you don’t know what they were talking about, or even if they were saying that they’re ‘not happy’.

Words don’t have to be a homonym to mean different things in different contexts: “I feel discriminated against for my faith” and “I have no faith in my manager” are two unrelated problems that happen to use the same word. So you need a tool that understands context, to avoid damaging misunderstandings.

Qlearsite’s language analysis technology: why we’re different

Think of it like a car. There’s the pedal-powered plastic variety, and there are supercars – they have the same purpose, but one can take you a lot further, a lot faster, and with a lot less effort from your end. Language analysis is about quality results – so we built tech that you can trust.

You might have heard of machine learning, or natural language processing – our analysis tool is a highly sophisticated system capable of reading 1000s of examples of written text, and understanding their true meaning. It’s a giant brain that we’ve taught to understand language – particularly the type that people use when they talk about their work.

  • It reads employee feedback as a whole, understanding the context and meaning
  • It identifies the sentiment of each statement: the degree of positive or negative feeling
  • It finds common themes that keep cropping up, so you know what’s top of mind
  • It learns how you and your organisation speak, so it doesn’t get confused by terminology

Why does that matter? Because it means you can trust the results, and rely on their accuracy enough to base business decisions on them.

Make Qlearsite’s language tech your superpower

It’s not a secret: your people are the key to your performance. The business benefits of employee engagement have long been discussed, and we’ve detailed the power of people in our Organisational Fitness Report – but we strongly believe it begins with better listening.

Our platform makes that easy. It’s smarter tech, with simply displayed results – why not see for yourself.

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